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Monday, 23 May 2016

Living Arrows

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last Living Arrows; I am feeling much happier especially now I have received an update on how Digby is settling in with his new family. My allergy symptoms are decreasing too which helps too.

Last week, myself, the children and my Dad went on a mini-break to Swanage so I thought I would share with you two photos from Dorset.


Lily and the giant rabbit cuddly toy
 Lily found a teddy bear shop in Swanage with this huge bear outside. Then she spotted the palette of different coloured Jelly Cat rabbits! She already owns 3, Biddy is the name of her main bunny rabbit who of course came on holiday with us.


Alexander's first steam train experience with Pop Pops
Alexander was asleep for the steam train journey from Swanage to Corfe Castle; he fell asleep in Swanage and woke up at the Greyhound pub in Corfe, non the wiser! On the way back he enjoyed sitting on his Pop Pop's lap and pointing at different things through the window like sheep and a passing diesel.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Living Arrows

Monday, 16 May 2016

BigJigs Review | Stacking Tractor & Playcolour Makeup

Alexander and Lily had the opportunity as Play Patrol Agents to review the Bigjigs Stacking Tractor and the Playcolour Makeup respectively. I don't have any photos of Agent Alexander playing as he has been a poorly little bean, but Lily took great delight in investigating the latest wooden toy delivery.

bigjigs wooden craftmenship stacking tractor

The Stacking Tractor is perfect for those children who like anything mobile; this tractor's wheels really do move round so it is rather multi-functional which is ideal for the attention span of young children. Whilst it has been developed for children from the age of 12 months plus, this wooden puzzle toy offers problem solving and improves dexterity for older children too, as Lily demonstrated (she is 4). 

Stacking Tractor puzzle

Trying to assemble the puzzle correctly

Assembling the stacking puzzle pieces

Even she had to pay the puzzle careful attention to ensure the pieces were the right way round for the tractor farmer to look forward and for the collie dog to look out of the rear. As for Alexander, although he has yet to grasp the hang of assembling the stacking puzzle pieces, he enjoys slotting them on any which way and mainly pushing the tractor along. We love the colourful design of the tractor; it feels robust and I'm certain that the paint won't chip off even when Alexander decides to play rough with it.

The Stacking Tractor puzzle and pushalong has an RRP of £15.99

completing the stacking puzzle toy

Lily received the Playcolour Makeup Princess set to try out. This includes 3 glittery colours; purple, red and blue which are applied using a pen; twist to use more of the colour stick. The makeup stick ingredients have been dermatalogically and microbiologically tested; free of major allergens and parabens which is a plus for sensitive skin. It is also non-greasy so very little has transferred from Lily's skin to her clothes. I did test it; extra product did wipe away but the almost the entirety of the design remained on her skin and was washed off with soap and water.

Playcolour princess makeup pens

Despite the aforementioned claims, this product didn't immediately sell itself to me as a reliable, quality product as the packaging features a photo of a young girl who has had the facepaint photoshopped onto her face. In my opinion that isn't a great selling point; at least show what the product is capable of doing rather than doctoring an image. I decided to use the facepaints upon Lily's arms and hands, just in case of a reaction and found that they are ideal for self-use and toddler creativity.

The Princess set makeup kit has an RRP of £5.99

glittery wash off makeup pens

glittery wash off glittery playcolour makeup
The makeup pens are non-greasy yet glide on easily to the skin with minimal pressure

glittery butterfly design perfect for preschoolers
A 'butterfly'

Disclaimer: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are my own.


Cuddledry Review

Blog title Cuddledry hair twist and poncho review

Lily and Alexander had the opportunity to make bath time and swimming a whole lot easier thanks to Cuddledry. Alexander has trialled a poncho whilst Lily has been using the hair twist. Two simple items which have loads of great qualities and in my opinion and in theirs too, bathtime is such a breeze.

Cuddledry poncho and cuddletwist to dry hair quickly

My kids love bathtime. Plenty of splashing and 'deep-sea diving' like mermaids and in Alexander's case, occasional drinking of the bath water (!). However sometimes getting out of the bath isn't as easy as getting them in; we have a downstairs bathroom which involves a run out through the kitchen before we make it upstairs, all the while wrapped in towels and trying not to get chilly on the way.
So when Alexander had the chance to review the Cuddledry SPF50+ toddler poncho it seemed perfect for us. Once the bath is drained we can just pop it over his head and pick him up out of the bath and he is kept toasty warm and thanks to the signature cotton and bamboo content, he is dry in seconds! What's more is that it will be ideal for holidays abroad as it has UV and sun protection factor 50 thanks to the Cuddledry's patented Rayosan technology which is a plus. especially for his fair skin. He looks abolutely adorable when he is snuggled up in the poncho with the hood up drying his hair and the underarm poppers done up so it stays in place and it is easy to change him into a new clean nappy without having to remove any warm towelling from him. Despite fitting children between the ages of 1 and 3 it is compact so it is a great addition to the swimming bag rather than packing another beach towel and trying to cram everything in small lockers. It is long enough to allow him to totter around, keeping him covered and dry. It can be difficult sometimes to coax him out of the poncho it is that snuggly! The Cuddledry SPF50+ toddler poncho retails at £27.99 and currently only is available in aqua blue with turquoise trim and it also features a delighful embroided leaping dolphin which appeals to young children. Perhaps more colours would be nice to choose from, but since turquoise is very much our colour of choice we have no complaints!

silky soft bamboo cuddledry bath poncho
The poncho is so soft, it seems to shimmer! Reminds me of the pretty bamboo cloth nappies we used when Lily was a baby, takes me back :)

Getting ready for a bath with the Cuddledry products ready
Getting ready for a bath and Alexander's happy face in his Cuddledry poncho post bubble bath

In a similar way, the Cuddletwist also helps Lily from getting too cold in between leaving the bath and getting her hair blow-dried. The hair twist is just as absorbent as the poncho and once simply popped over her head, twisted up and secured, her hair is almost 70% dry by the time she removes it so I can dry the rest. This reduces the amount of time we have to use the hair-dryer, but she still enjoys using her leave in conditioner sprays and heat protector sprays that she sees me use. Again, this is a handy accompaniment to our regular swimming kit, as it can be folded up fairly small and if necessary it can be worn whilst we travel home in the car and won't get her car seat soggy. We can certainly see why it is an award-winning product! If you feel slightly jealous, fear not! Even though it has been in designed in mind for children from the age of 18 months onwards, the super stretchy fabric will fit on your hair too. Don't mind if I do!
The Cuddletwist sells at an RRP of £9.99.

bamboo softness in the cuddletwist

Have a look at my review I made for my YouTube channel Sophie and Lily, which features a how-to on using the super-soft Cuddletwist.

Thank you to Cuddledry for sending us these products in exchange for our honest review; I have just packed the Cuddletwist and poncho to take on a short family holiday - I know they will make our lives easier whilst we are away!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Anna and Elsa | My Wild Ones

Lily and Alexander both donned Anna and Elsa dressing up costumes and I enjoyed watching them both swish their skirts around and Lily rocked the Frozen kareoke (my ears!!). From behind, Alexander really reminds me of much younger Lily, only she didn't have as much hair as his current almost white-blonde mullet!

Lily and Alexander Anna and Elsa

Lily singing her heart out as Elsa

Alexander as Elsa

Lily singing away

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Whatever the Weather 11/05

I haven't gathered as many outdoor shots lately which is shocking I know, given the good weather we've had lately (albeit for a short time!). So this photo for Whatever the Weather is a throwback to one of our last family walks with Digby.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Cheering up | Living Arrows 9/5

I've taken a break from blogging to concentrate on our final week of having Digby the cocker spaniel before he went to his new family. I'm back now but I'm feeling pretty down. This photo has just cheered me up; Lily is clambering to be included in the photo and Alexander is wearing my dad's shoes and looking very pleased with himself :)

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Living Arrows

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Mmm biscuits | My Wild Ones

Lily and Alexander enjoyed a treat from their Daddy, courtesy of the Sainsbury's patisserie counter; Lily got a bright pink pig cookie lollipop and Alexander had a ice cream shaped gingerbread cookie. Both were devoured with glee (only once they had finished their tea!)

Alexander enjoying his gingerbread cookie shaped like an ice cream cone

Lily enjoying her peppa pig inspired cookie lolly
Lily devoured Peppa Pig ;)

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