Wednesday, 25 March 2015

All better!

So it has been a week since I charged into the doctor's surgery following a conversation with 111. Alexander had a massive fever and was rather floppy and unresponsive, which
He was off his food, solid or milk and his cry was different. As soon as the surgery opened I rang up about 12 times only to get the busy dial tone. Luckily it is a short walk away so we quickly made our way there.
I was treated like an overreactive parent which I didn't appreciate at all. Two doctors had seen Alexander and quickly diagnosed eczema after a cursory glance at his dry, itchy skin. It is a virus, the second doctor said, but if he is still ill by Friday it is probably bacterial and here is a delayed prescription for antibiotics.
After doing my own research on his particular symptoms and asking the lovely ladies on my local NCT facebook page I am pretty sure he had a Roseola Infantum. He had the textbook rash and the accompanying high fever amongst other symptoms. So when we noticed the red rash appear on his legs we knew how it would progress.
Glad to say he is a much happier chap now. Just as well as we are off to stay at my parent's whilst we have some plastering and wallpaper removal done!


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