Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Bean Boozled Challenge

Well done to anyone who has participated in this challenge.
To quote Rob, "if you want to ruin your evening, play this game"

After watching katieandbaby's vlog and crying with laughter at the reactions to the horrid flavours in slow-motion I thought, why not? The beans I ordered off eBay cost a little under £3 and arrived 2 days later.

There are many beans in a packet so it would suit a group of people. I suggested it to some friends but having done it now I think it would be cruel to "treat" them to these beans!
It is Russian Roulette - with jelly beans. There are the standard yummy flavours with their regular colours, but some are deceiving and rather than picking up buttered popcorn you could be chewing a bean flavoured with mouldy cheese for example.

For me personally, my favourite flavour was toothpaste as it followed the mouldy cheese bean. Which was bang on really, it tasted like the red rind end of Edam cheese after several months at the back of the fridge. I also got the barf flavoured bean which I won't describe but the one that really made Rob feel sick was the canned dog meat bean.
After a bit of retching, he washed out his mouth with sherry of all things in an attempt to rid his mouth of the disgusting flavour...which just kept giving hours after!

I'm looking forward to watching more, and I will totally know what you will go through. The game makes you feel nervous and tentative and it is a good idea to have drinks and a bin to hand.

There are a few seconds between putting the bean in your mouth, biti it and realising its flavour, I often spat mine out immediately! Otherwise they would just stick in your teeth!

Good luck to anyone else who thinks they will give it a go!


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