Friday, 10 April 2015

Busy times!

So we have been staying at my folk's whilst Rob painted the dining and sitting room.
                Sitting room sounds funny
                       Living room? I do a lot of living in it...
We are back and I am thrilled with the results, the rooms look lovely, bright, fresh and airy. But now I want the rest of the rooms painted as the white makes brings out the yellow-tones in the cream painted walls through out the rest of the house. A fortnight ago we considered them to be neutral and happy to put up with it, but now it looks like the walls have been stained by nicotine. Lovely!
All in good time.

But the fall out of this decorating malarky is the cleaning up.
Dust, lots of dust.
And washing, plenty of washing of old sheets used to protect the carpet. And the radiator bled on them anyway. Plus laundry from our time away!
Hang in there Bosch washing machine, you may get a break soon.


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