Saturday, 4 April 2015

Filled jacket skins recipe

This is my entry for the Oh so tasty picnics! competition. You can get involved too. Click this link to read how

Now this recipe could be adapted for picnics, whether it be a quick snaffle or a full-on spread complete with picnic hamper and cutlery.
Smaller potatoes could be used rather than large baking potatoes and the fillings can be as basic or as unusual as you like.
Think potato salad with sandwich fillings. The filled jackets in my entry are filled with cheese, spring onions, sweetcorn and bacon. Other filling examples could include tuna and sweetcorn, smoked salmon and cream cheese, cream cheese and chives, mixed grilled vegetables...
Bake potatoes for 1 hour at 220c, slice in half and scoop the fluffy potato flesh out into a bowl. Season and mash, there shouldn't be any lumps. Add the fillings, mix well and refill the jacket skins on a baking tray. Add cheese/breadcrumbs to the top of each filled jacket skin and grill or bake until hot and the cheese has melted.
Allow to cool before placing in Tupperware boxes or wrapping in aluminium foil.


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