Thursday, 6 August 2015

Long time, no blog | Catch up with me August

Hi everyone, it has been...a while since I last made a blog post.
It's a miserable day, I have a cold and already plonked on the sofa. 8:22 am and Alexander is watching Justin's House, so I thought now is a good a time as any.

We've been on holiday to Holland and got chicken pox of the away. I highly recommend Poxclin mousse, pricey but effective. Virasoothe gel was a waste of money.
The marks are fading gradually on Alexander's 13 month old soft skin; I thought Lily had a bad bout but the poor boy got at least thrice more!

Alexander turned 12 months old on the second of July and for the last few months of his first year Rob and I wondered how I would feel about it, as we are very happy with our family and Alexander is our last baby. We joked that there would be irrational sobbing, but the day came with lemon cake, cards and presents and then the day was over. I didn't shed a tear, I suppose he will always be my youngest, baby boy. He still needs me and enjoys acrobatic breastfeeds and snuggles (read: lies like a starfish next to me in bed), so although his personality, confidence and independence is ever developing I don't feel like he has grown up within the blink of an eye.

Lily has been eating and eating, I expect she is having a mighty growth spurt. Sometimes I feel like she is eating us out of house and home! She is a very social little girl who introduces herself to other kids at the park. This makes me smile, but she doesn't seem to elaborate on who her friends are at preschool.
She enjoys practicing her numbers, letters and drawing. I create dot to dot style pages for her but I've found that dash to dash is much easier and quicker for me to make. Currently she is interested in the solar system!

Alexander was christened on Sunday and was very well - behaved. He looked a bit confused as the water ran down from his forehead down his hair, who wouldn't be at that age! I dressed him in a 3 piece outfit from Next which consisted of a white bodysuit with a pocket and collar, navy bow tie and navy shorts with braces. Lily was christened at the age of 6 months and was getting a bit big for the family christening gown, so I didn't even try to dress him in it. Too much fabric for an almost walking child, plus houmous stains from Lily and banana stains from the cousin who wore it before her.
The party was held at the children's centre that I had taken Lily to from the age of 5 weeks old, so the facilities were familiar for us and perfect for all of our friends with little children. It is now sadly at risk of being closed down due to the governments cuts, but fingers crossed it can be saved as it is a vital place in the community for families from a variety of different circumstances.

I hope reading this has given you a little idea of what we have been up to lately. I can't believe it is August already! But I say that about every month, this year is flying by...



  1. Nice to see a blog post from you, hope you had a great day for the christening, Alexander looks lovely and smart bless him! X


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