Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumnal Wreath Creation with Lily

For a while we have been collecting pine cones and autumn leaves and they have been littering pockets and the bottom of the pushchair, so I thought it would be nice to make some kind of autumnal garland or wreath and get Lily involved.

I had some heavy duty card left over from Alexander's christening, but not the scissors to deal with it, so the edges of the wreath base is a bit raggedy if you look close enough.

To create the wreath base Lily drew around a dinner plate and I drew a basic leaf inside then set about it with poor scissors ( not to self: invest in crafts scissors!)

Drawing around the plate

Basic leaf outine

With the excess card I traced around two leaves with pencil and cut them out. I thought they could feature as a dangling garland from the main wreath.

nature's print

Ready to be painted

Using a hole-punch I created 10 holes in the the inside leaf of the wreath and fed brown string through from the top to bottom, secure with a knot and then tied string across to create the veins of the leaf. Sellotape secured these further to the card and a loop of string was secured at the top to hang the finished creation.

String veins

If you took a lot of time with the string vein making, you could create a very symmetrical design and experiement with different knots and taughtness. We went for the simple look, as nature doesn't always look perfectly symmetrical.

Lily mixed together pink and yellow poster paint to make a lovely russet-orange colour which she applied to the the card wreath and leaves with a sponge brush to give it a bit of texture.

Sponge brush with orange paint

Once dried we smothered the whole wreath in glue and got to work with sticking down the freshly gathered dried autumn leaves. If they are a little bit damp they will go all horrible.

Preschool fun

We attached some string to some of the pine cones we had collected on various dig walks then strung them up with the orange leaves to the bottom of the wreath, kind of like the style of a dreamcatcher.

Autumnal wreath card leaves

Now just got to decide where to hang it up. Perhaps on a door but it would be susceptible to the elements, so we may hang it in a window frame and enjoy it inside.

Autumnal Wreath Creation with lily

Have you used anything from nature to make an autumnal creation?



  1. That's so pretty and my children would love this, have Pinned for later!

    1. Thank you Jenny. It was fun to create. Wish it would last though

  2. Aww that's so cute! If they enjoyed that you could also do a Christmas version soon :) X

    1. Such a good idea, no idea why that didn't immediately cross my mind. I always associate wreathes with xmas too!

  3. How cute is that?! So lovely, and such a nice way of using all the beautiful things on the ground during autumn! x

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  5. I love the leaf shape that you've created in the middle! Never seen anything like that before :)

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

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