Thursday, 29 October 2015

Homesense | my First Ever shopping trip

My first ever visit to Homesense has left me wanting to go back very soon. So happy we have a local store now for candle top ups and inspiration.

I love the homeware in TKMaxx. In fact, I make a beeline for those aisles and the children's wear. I tend to think about my kitchen, home and kid's wardrobe before I think about my own wardrobe!
So when I was informed that a Homesense was opening very close by, I got rather excited by just the prospect of shopping in a store just dedicated to such a variety of homeware.

When I approached the new store to meet the other bloggers and photographers I immediately noticed the size of the building. Absolutely huge! I didn't expect it to find that it combined a TKMaxx as well, but the layout of the store was very effective and well thought out. The aisles appeared to be a lot more organised than those in smaller TKMaxx's. I think the visual merchandisers did a fantastic job as you can see from these photos. I did not expect to see a whole copper bath tub in the bathroom section, but it was so aesthetically pleasing, just as if I had stepped into a home and living magazine.

bathroom display with copper bathtub

It was a breath of fresh air to not immediately walk into a store with Halloween paraphernalia right in front of you. The seasonal items which were focussed on at the entrance were Christmas decorations and autumnal wreaths. There were clear colour schemes and no garish black and orange hues.

My highlights of the store:

Since copper is the colour of the moment, I couldn't help to be drawn to anything which had copper detail. Homesense visual merchandisers had done their homework and some displays were dedicated entirely to copper ornaments, mirrors and home decorations.

Homesense copper @ sign

One of my favourite colours are teal, turquoise and duck egg blue, so I gravitated towards a duck egg blue clock, ceramic dishes and tableware. I picked up a mug which featured a turquoise and yellow ink stain rings, which was £4.99. I adored the accompanying dinner plates as well.

Turquoise, blue and yellow ink ring mug

I had to stop and scrutinise the candles, which again, were very well organised into colours and scents. I found a few Halloween/autumnal candles which visually appealed to me, but the scent didn't quite live up to my expectations. But then I discovered a £5.99 Morgan & Grace candle named 'Spiced Pear'. How delightful does that sound? Just the name conjures up images of poached pears in a fragrant syrup, and it smells just as good. The candle glass pot is very pretty and is a reflective brass- copper colour. When I thought I couldn't find anymore candles which delivered in appearance and scent, I found another Morgan & Grace candle named 'Candied Peach' and it is absolutely gorgeous.
It reminds me of Yankee Candle's 'Sugared Apple'; it possess the right balance of fruitiness to sweetness without being overwhelmingly sickly. It makes me think of melting marshmallows, candy floss and toffee apples. Very October!

Spiced pear candle, copper, shiny, candle

I turns out that I wasn't the only blogger attracted to the stationary section, but organisation is key, so why not do it in style? There was a huge variety of notebooks, bound and spiral, adorned with pretty motifs, and empowering words. "Be Happy Always" works for me.

By the time I was meandering down the queue aisles to make my purchases, I found an impulse purchase which I am so pleased that I picked up. A £4.99 2016 weekly planner by a brand called Èccolo, featuring shiny copper chevrons which look like feather quills. I nearly reached for the teal and silver version, but decided to go for the warmer toned colours. I have already put some dates in this diary which has a week per spread and at 13 x 20 cm it is a perfect size to slide into my handbag.

I could have spent a whole evening in Homesense, I could have lost the concept of time had it not featured a substantial wall of clocks!

If you haven't already visited a Homesense store, I highly recommend that you do.

Do you enjoy shopping at Homesense? Do you have one nearby or do you have to travel?



  1. I've been looking for a notebook to scribble down my ideas in for the last few days now and those are perfect! Thanks for the inspiration to look in TK Maxx & HomeSense :)

  2. We have one fairly close by. I love their selection of kitchenwear and there is always smething I simply must have.

  3. I also love the homeware section of TKMaxx! Those notebooks look divine! If I'm not mistaken I think there's a homesense in the US. I try to avoid these kind of shops because I'll be there for hours haha

  4. I love TK Maxx but I have never actually been to a Homesense store, which seems to be a bit of a mistake on my part!

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