Sunday, 25 October 2015

Our Sunday | The One where the Clocks went Back

The clocks went back during the night. Goodbye Daylight Saving Time and a begrudging welcome to the darkness that starts to fall around 4:30.

I think of it this way; the days will get shorter until my husbands birthday in December then they will start getting longer!

White wooden blinds with linen tapes

Yesterday with much trial and tribulations and the odd expletive for good measure, Rob put up the wooden blinds in our box bay window. Having a bare undressed window really allowed us to notice the imperfections of the 110 year old Victorian built walls. But they are on now, and despite Lily telling us that she didn't like them; take them down, they will do a good job at providing privacy and cosiness in the late afternoons.

Our two young children didn't bat an eyelid at the change of time, in fact they got up at the right time and I even remembered to change the Gro Clock. If any of you own one of these, you will know just how fiddly changing these contraptions can be. After several rounds of "saying goodnight to the Sun" I finally managed to get the control panel, phew!

Gro Clock morning sun, clocks going back 2015

I have a feeling that this evening may be a little different. Both children have been poorly with coughs disturbing their sleep, so they may feel ready for bed much earlier. I have noticed that Disney's Peter Pan will be on channel 5 this evening, so we may well snuggled down with some popcorn to enjoy that together following a homemade slow cooked beef stew.

Slow cooker beef stew with swede, parsnip and carrot
It's cooking on low all day

How have your children adapted to the time change and do you take any special measures to ensure it goes smoothly? Do you fear this date when the clocks go back?



  1. I have a toddler. She was only a few months old last year so it was fine, but I was worried this year, but actually she was fine. She's a great sleeper anyway, she's just got up at 7am these past couple of mornings instead of 8!

    Love beef stew. Yum.

    1. It's great when they adapt really well, not worth worrying about really. Even our puppy didn't seem bothered! An 8 am start sounds good :) thanks for reading :)

  2. My kids went to bed 6pm and got up 6am because they haven't adjusted yet to the time change.


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