Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Meal Plan for the Week

Last week I didn't manage to upload my meals vlog, so this week features around 2 weeks worth.
We particularly enjoyed the chicken and mushroom pie with homemade flaky pastry. I used a bigger pie dish and I think the balance between the amount of filling to pie pastry lid was spot on. I also tried a different pizza recipe. As you probably know, I simply attempt to follow recipes and change the ingredients accordingly to suit Rob's needs. Sometimes this doesn't always work out. Spelt dough can be described as quite wet and can flow, but with this particular recipe I persevered and decided against adding more flour. I made two thin base pizzas and cooked them one after the other using the pizza pan to ensure a crispier base. They tasted really good and Rob remarked that he preferred this base to the one I had made previously. I recall that particular pizza did not want to leave the pizza pan! Having a stand mixer takes all the hard work out and I can just allow it to knead the dough whilst I get on with making the tomato sauce. If you would like an updated recipe I would be happy to post a how-to here.

This week's meal plan looks like this:

Sunday: Homemade cheese and tomato pizza with a spelt base

Monday: Beef goulash with rice and broccoli
Beef goulash has readily become a bit of a go-to meal in our house at the moment. We have been thoroughly enjoying it and it is so simple to make without tonnes of ingredients. I am however, using more paprika than I ever have done before!

Tuesday: A quick supper of gluten-free fish fingers, homemade sweet potato chips and buttery savoy cabbage

Wednesday: Slow-cooked sausage casserole using a pot of onion soup as a flavour base. I think I will serve this with rice or mashed sweet potato and peas

Thursday: On my vlog meal plan I wrote "some kind of pie!" I think I will make a shepherd's pie but swap the potato topping for a homemade spelt flaky pastry lid. I will create a how-to on the pastry and I have a steak pie recipe to edit on the PC too.

Friday: Fish on Fridays! Last Friday I made pan-fried teriyaki salmon with a edamame mix stir-fry and rice noodles. I will repeat this recipe I think and pay more attention to the frying pan as last week I got distracted by my ipad and the honey caramelised a bit too much. But it tasted very good, just looked overdone!

Saturday: A simple dish of chicken pilaf using chicken breast chunks, rice, korma paste and peas

If you haven't seen the latest Sainsbury's grocery haul, check it out here:


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