Friday, 20 November 2015

Our Top 3 TV Programmes

After the Great British Bake Off 2015 and Doctor Foster finished I wasn't sure what TV programme would attract my undivided attention. I don't watch soap operas religiously although I occasionally tune into "Neighbours". Just like watching "The Simpsons", I'm pretty much hard-wired to switch on Channel 5 and Channel 4, and even Lily watches the yellow family too!

A problem that we often find is that we can miss the beginning of a programme and then we leave it for another time, or we quite simply start watching a drama a few episodes in, realise it is good and have to watch the opening episode. Freeview Play* offers programmes on demand and live TV, with no subscription whatsoever.
The advert is pretty good  and is Freeview's biggest to date and I love the choice of music from Les Miserables. It reminds me of "1984".

What do you need? a TV, the internet, a comfy seat and your friends and family to enjoy your TV experience together, it is that simple. I know that when the busy Christmas week arrives that I will miss a lot of good TV (can't miss Downton Abbey, even though I don't really watch it, it is the end so I'm sure it will be pretty good) so the idea of having a bank of programmes to watch, for FREE sounds good to me.

What have we been enjoying on TV lately?

Our Top 3 TV programmes:

Rob and I have really been enjoying the BBC's "The Last Kingdom" which is an eight-part adaptation of "The Saxon Stories" by Bernard Cornwell. Lots of Saxon versus Dane action and some non-familiar and familiar actors, including the son from "Doctor Foster". It definitely bridges the gap between now and the next season of Game of Thrones. I do enjoy historical fiction so I will have to read the books soon.

Saxon shield

We have seen many adverts on CBeebies for "Meet the Kittens" which we are rather looking forward to after watching a few repeats of "Meet the Pups" which documents the arrival and early adventures of a litter of springer spaniels. Rob and I are cat lovers (don't tell Digby!) so out of some CBeebies programmes we would be happy to watch this with the children. No zoning out during this programme, or getting dinner ready!

British shorthar cat
My British Shorthair

I am definitely a fan of watching Channel 4's "Gogglebox" and Rob will often turn his laptop on and play games beside me to watch the last 30 minutes. Because BBC's "Have I Got News For You" is often on at 9am we watch that first and then continue Gogglebox afterwards. It often introduces programmes to me which I haven't heard of before, and for good reasons usually! I think Rob and I would make entertaining people to watch if we had cameras on us, as you may be able to tell from my YouTube channel, haha!

youtube channel

How about you? What programmes do you make sure you watch?

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