Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ideal Utility Room Wishlist

In the future we would love to have the space for a kitchen utility room which could provide us with a bit more space.
What would we have in our utility room?

First of all, our main white goods would be in the utility room, as that is what it is for, the key is in the name of course.
I would be inclined to have a separate washing machine and tumble dryer because although the Bosch washer dryer does its job, the dryer isn't as effective as a stand alone tumble dryer and despite Bosch products being built to last, we have experienced problems with ours (eating socks!). So, in an ideal world I would probably go for something like this Hotpoint washing machine.

What is so good about this particular model? For me, probably the quietness and the fact that it can remove stains at temperatures as low as 20 degrees which would reduce energy costs, which would keep Rob happy too. In our household with two young children and a dog, the washing machine doesn't seem to have much time off. I seem to be loading it at least every other day or more frequently.

So with a separate washing machine and tumble dryer I suppose I'd be able to get more laundry done in one day rather than waiting for a complete wash and dry cycle. Sometimes the weather isn't ideal for drying clothes and it sometimes isn't ideal to hang a lot of damp clothes around radiators especially for  damp and condensation. I would be tempted to install a wooden ceilng airing rack which can be lowered to drape the clothes on, then drawn up towards the ceiling to dry which would save space and keep Digby's paws away from them.

Talking about Digby, the utility space would be ideal for his food and water bowls, storing his food and keeping all of his harnesses, leads and bags on hooks, ready to grab to take on walks. It could be the ideal space to keep and store all of our muck boots and we would return home from a muddy or wet walk via the rear door into the utility room. Digby could also have his crate in there and his toys.

I would be inclined to have a Quooker hot water tap in the utility room with the sink, as the children wouldn't readily have access to the utility room and Digby would have a stair gate across the door frame so the tap would be safe and no little hands could use it. Since the washing detergents and all that associated paraphernalia including ironing board and vacuum cleaner would be stored and organised in the utility room, there would be more kitchen cupboard space available in the kitchen. Perfect to house more pans, baking goodies and kitchen gadgets (ssh, don't tell Rob!)

Ideal Utility Room Wishlist; Hotpoint washing machine, wooden airer, storage, Quooker tap
Top left to right: Hotpoint washing machine; Wayfair laundry detergent storage; Quooker hot water tap
Bottom left to right: Pause and play  Harry Barker dog food storage; Puplife dog lead hook (cocker spaniel version, of course!)
I can dream, right?

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