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Pizza recipe with Spanish olives, salami, cheese and fresh basil

I made an actual wheat flour pizza dough last week for the first time in ages. Usually I use spelt flour as Rob can digest it without any undesirable side-effects. Plus spelt has a teeny bit of gluten in which helps the texture in the big way in comparison to using completely gluten free flour. But on this occasion we had friends coming over for lunch and Rob is on a health-kick so it worked out best for everyone that I used plain flour.

Making a pizza using wheat is out of my comfort zone nowadays

This was the first pizza dough that I have made which included semolina in the recipe and when rolling it out with additional flour. Semolina is a very fine grain made from durum wheat, so although it is a complete no-no for Rob, a 500g bag cost me 50 pence from Sainsbury's and I gave it a go.

The pizza dough divided into three equal pieces which I rolled out as thinly as I could once it had been kneaded to oblivion by my trusty stand-mixer and risen appropriately. The plain flour and semolina combination apparently give the pizza crust a more authentic taste and texture, but I can't say that I noticed that the semolina added any additional flavour in particular.

Tomato passata was spread evenly over the bases, grated mature cheddar cheese was sprinkled on top and slices of milano salami were arranged on top, plus a couple of fresh basil leaves. The cheese was a lower layer because if it is on top of all the toppings there is a greater chance that when eating the pizza all the toppings could slide off it with the layer of melted cheese. Since this pizza wasn't going to be enjoyed by Rob, I topped each of them with slices of black Spanish olives.

authentic Spanish black olives in brine
It has been a while since I studied Spanish, but could make out some of the packaging lingo!

Overall it tasted pretty delicious, but I am glad that we aren't missing out on the semolina in our usual spelt pizza bases. And more 'O-Evils' for me!

fresh out of the oven pizza beside one waiting to be baked

Wondering how I made it?

Pizza dough recipe


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