Sunday, 3 January 2016

Post Christmas Meals

Last year for our Christmas dinner we enjoyed what many believe to be a non-traditional meal. But this year was our first Christmas just as a family of four plus puppy so we decided to eat what we wanted.

Last year Rob cooked Christmas dinner but this year I took over and we enjoyed roasted leg of lamb with a pancetta and macadamia stuffing which was delicious. We had sprouts, green beans, carrots and broccoli (Lily's favourite), roasted sweet potatoes, pork and honey sausages served with a delicious homemade gravy. For dessert we had sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel sauce, Swedish Glace non-dairy ice cream and Alpro non-dairy custard. We ate very well and Rob has said a few times now that he wouldn't go back to turkey. High praise indeed!
post christmas meals roasted lamb dinner
Our Christmas dinner (some of it!)

Post christmas meals sticky toffee pudding
I omitted dates this time, so it felt lighter; just perfect after a big roast dinner

Post christmas Meals Stuffing
The stuffing was a combination of parsley, thyme, anchovies, macadamias, pancetta, gluten free sour dough and oil.

Boxing Day food took the form of a shoulder joint of pork slow cooked in one can of Coca Cola and barbeque sauce, served shredded with wraps and rice. I made my usual homemade spelt flaky pastry and created a free-form pie containing layers of leftover roasted lamb, vegetables, pancetta and macadamia stuffing and the gravy. I didn't have much of an appetite left by then though!

The 27th of December saw me and the children having beef casserole with beef and then I spent the night away in Kent, so I was treated to a meal out at Strada and my Dad's homecooked meals and Rob made some yummy chicken goujons using Mrs Crimbles gluten-free sage and onion stuffing rather than breadcrumbs.

We have been really enjoying beef in oyster sauce lately. Rob got a craving for it last month and I think we have eaten it about three or four times now. Alexander likes the beef particularly, but he can also put away a lot of rice and sauce!

Salmon in teriyaki glaze with stir-fried vegetables and rice noodles has also featured on our plates a few times. Even teriyaki chicken. Spot the trend! We have also tried buckwheat noodles too with salmon in a sweet amai glaze. Altogether, my online shopping trolley contains more stir-fry vegetables and different varieties of rice noodles than it ever has done before, but quick, healthy meals can be prepared readily providing I have a few store cupboard essentials such as rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and honey.
Post Christmas meals teriyaki chicken
Teriyaki chicken, plain white rice and green beans plus asparagus

Post christmas meals amai salmon
Salmon with a sweet amai glaze, stirfried mixed vegetables on buckwheat noodles

I hope you have enjoyed your holidays everyone :)


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