Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lily Long Legs | My Wild Ones

This is my first blog post joining in with My Wild Ones linky which is a photo project intended to capture the glory, the ups and downs, and smiles of childhood.

This week:

Lily Long Legs

Over the last couple of weeks I have been glancing at Lily and thinking gosh, she really is growing. Her limbs look longer, as if she has been stretched! She is gaining a more mature look (as well as her attitude) and the softness of her early childhood is gradually disappearing and being replaced by lithe arms and slender, long legs and more defined facial features. Lily is only four years old and I cannot believe the baby who arrived 4 weeks early has developed into the little girl she is today. I wish she didn't have to grow up so fast!



  1. *sobs* I hear you! B is 39 months now and she's turning into such a little girl! It's emotional isn't it??

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  2. She definitely looks very grown up, and she looks like she'll have longer legs than me haha :) xx

  3. It's scary how fast they grow up! Sophie is nearly 18 months and her first birthday feels like yesterday. In fact, her birth feels like yesterday! #MyWildOnes

  4. She looks really grown up, its a shame it goes so quick isn't it :( I always thought I had long legs but now I have to buy short leg jeans wahh #MyWildOnes x

  5. They grow up so fast don't they? I don't know about long legs, I think my boys are more long bodies - they're both really tall though. Toby is two and a half and as tall as some four year olds! #MyWildOnes


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