Thursday, 14 April 2016

Chocolate Muffins | My Wild Ones

Last Friday I put our little IKEA coffee table in the kitchen and allowed the kids to make chocolate muffins. All I assisted with was the oven, they did the rest and yes Lily did make a bit of a mess whilst trying to carry the whisk to the sink. And then treading on the batter whilst wearing tights!

 Brother and sister teamwork!

Adding the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients

Alexander enjoyed playing with a mini cake tin and drumming it

Lily put on her concentrating face to fill up the paper cases full of sticky chocolate muffin mix


And after! 

And the clean up commenced...

Chocolate muffin mix everywhere...

But overall they did really well working together and created some rather tasty muffins.

Lily really appreciated having the opportunity to make them nearly all by themselves and she told everyone that they were homemade with pride :)



  1. You are brave!! I used to love ding baking when my oldest was small... it was the cleaning up after I wasn't so keen on! Those muffins look yummy! #mywildones

  2. I really wish I was brave enough to let Indie run wild with the baking, I couldn't face the mess though haha! These look fantastic though, can almost smell the chocolatey goodness through the screen :) xx

  3. WHat a brilliant job they did, fantastic chocolate muffins x

  4. Looks like they did an awesome job, they look delicious! I really must bake more with Isla :) #MyWildOnes

  5. Oh wow! You're brave! They look delicious though and it looks like they had a fab time making them :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  6. They look fantastic! I do try and bake with Toby and I try really hard not to be too controlling when he's making a mess - maybe I should just let him get on with it! #MyWildOnes


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