Thursday, 7 April 2016

Glittery card making | My Wild Ones

It was my dad's birthday at the weekend, so on Friday I set up the kids with the arts and crafts to make a glittery, bejewelled birthday card each. Inspired by a recent episode of Mister Maker, I got out a tray, folded cards, a selection of different coloured glitter, pink and clear self-adhesive plastic jewels and pens and crayons. Earlier that day I had purchased some arts and crafts glue, believing it to be PVA.

getting sticky with glue which wasn't PVA

I squirted some glue onto a plastic plate and let the kids dip their fingers in to create fingerprint splodges on the paper.

Shaking the glitter over the glue and card

Lily shaking glitter all over the card

Then they shook glitter over and the remainder fell onto the tray, and the table, and the carpet, on Alexander, on the dog.

Alexander's card and trying to catch the glitter

Lily went to town with the jewels and once she had signed her and Alexander's name inside I took the cards to a sunny windowsill to dry. It was only when I tidied up that I discovered that the arts and crafts glue was not child-safe PVA at all, but wood glue! Thankfully I wiped the glue off the kid's fingers with a babywipe but safe to say that the glitter and the jewels won't be shifting from the birthday cards in the slightest!
Note to self, buy some proper PVA!

Arts and crafts with Lily and Alexander

Alexander getting creative with glitter



  1. That looks fun but very messy too!!! I remember limiting all messy olay to the kitchen table! Thanks for hosting #mywildones

  2. Oh gosh lol! Lucky you noticed the glue when you did! You are very brave getting out the glitter, I cringe every time Isla asks for it haha! #MyWildOnes

  3. Oh goodness!!! I'm glad you noticed before hands went in mouths ;) It looks like you all had a fantastic time! You'll be finding glitter for weeks ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  4. What a great activity to do - I'm rubbish with letting Toby make a mess at home, at least he gets to do it at nursery! Oops on the glue front but at least there was no harm done! #MyWildOnes


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