Friday, 1 April 2016

Jumper tot and failed cake | Little Loves #10

Well due to a myriad of things going on last week what with Easter, I barely had time to sit down and reflect on what I have enjoyed doing over the past week so I am going to take the opportunity to sum it all up now. I hope you have all enjoyed a good Easter Break.


I have been notoriously slow reading books lately, but I picked up 'Alphabet Weekends' by Elizabeth Noble for 20p and knew it would be a quick read. I rather enjoyed it; if focuses on different kinds of love but most of all the alphabetical dates that two long-term friends decided to go on over the course of a year.


I am hearing so much Donald Trump rubbish, whether it be from the internet, footage from his rallies or a TV programme. The mind boggles... But I rather like this Coldplay song as it reminds me of of weekends spent being irresponsible teenagers (the good old days!?) with a good friend who I am meeting on Saturday after a long time.


Rob and I are still enjoying 'Vikings' but thanks to watching an episode of 'Gogglebox' my attention has been turned to a BBC police drama called 'The Line of Duty' featuring Daniel Mays. I watched the second episode yesterday and it is quite a 'whodunnit' programme.


I don't think I took a photo of it, but I haphazardly iced it so that is probably why, but I made a simnel-flavour inspired Easter cake. The sponge had whizzed up mixed fruit and mixed spice in it and the buttercream was almond flavour, not a piece of marzipan in sight!
Instead I will show you a Easter egg filled rocky road brownie which I sadly overcooked due to a family FaceTime session, so it was more like a chocolate cake. Tasty nonetheless!

rocky road brownies filled with chocolate eggs, mixed fruit and marshmallows


I'm going to show you what Rob wore a few days ago, the photo is a bit blurry but you get the idea. Alexander looks rather pleased at being stuffed under Rob's top!

Alexander and his Daddy having fun, being silly
Yes my family is mad ;)

And lastly...

It has been a delight watching Lily's painting progress coming along and I have drawn out many a painting by numbers Easter design for her.

Have a great weekend everyone :)


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  1. I need to start watching Vikings, think I watched a few episodes and got sidetracked by something else, but I keep hearing such good things about it. That brownie looks delicious! Have a great weekend x


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