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Kitchen Facelift Ideas with Tile Mountain

Like many families we are first-time homeowners. Getting onto the property ladder is an achievement in the first instance but home improvements are an ongoing task, budget-depending and are constantly at the back of my mind. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen which is a long galley kitchen typical of the period Victorian property we own. It is fairly basic and seen a degree of patching up by the previous owners. I'd like to make it a brighter, happier place to bake and cook meals.

The Kitchen                                                                                                                                                 

Tile Mountain competition our existing kitchen and tiles

Our current kitchen, being a typical Victorian terrace galley kitchen has a large, single, side-aspect window which overlooks the next property so light isn't in abundance. The kitchen runs into the rear porch area and then into a bathroom so there isn't a free-flow of light from any other available windows. For that reason and also because we cannot do anything about adding more windows (or knock down neighbouring houses!) I'd like to increase the amount of light-reflecting surfaces to amplify the amount of daylight our kitchen receives. Light coloured gloss tiles such as Metro light cream wall tiles would do the job very well, particularly those on the wall opposite the window.

Tile Mountain Metro tile colour comparison Sophie and Lily

Why cream you ask? Well, although I do indeed like the appearance of kitchens boasting pristine absolute white tiles with perfect white grouting, I do find that it can look rather clinical. However, depending on the overall colour-scheme, white could prove to be the most light-reflective and provide the impression of space and airiness.
Of course I need to factor in the warmth of the light bulbs, which sometimes is overlooked; warm light enhances yellow tones which are found in cream and magnolia paint whilst cool light can create the more sterile looking environment particularly with pure white matt and gloss textures. If I asked Tile Mountain to send me some free samples I would be able to position them best on the floor and on the walls to have a more accurate impression of the colours under different light conditions.

Clip art Tiles - not our style                                                                                                         

Our current tiles are plain white squares with a decorative tile border sporting some clip-art-esque geometric designs and squiggles. Whilst they are quirky, they are not to our taste, nor is the colour scheme which only adds to the warm magnolia glow in low light conditions mentioned earlier, which is boosted by the magnolia painted walls, sandy-beige floor tiles and buttercup yellow roller blind.

current kitchen wall tiles clipart design Tile Mountain
Clip-art; fun and cheerful and add a little bit extra to a kitchen on a budget but not our cup of ...

Our tiles aren't our cup of TEA

Splashback ideas                                                                                                                                  

Sophie and Lily original splashback to the hob

Unfortunately the tiles do not run up to the fan extractor, so we do not have an effective splashback. When we moved in, two sheets of wood-grain effect card were stuck to the wall using industrial-strength double sided adhesive tape as a makeshift splashback. It was horrid, to say the least. I only pulled it down a matter of weeks ago as I just couldn't bare looking at it anymore. Unfortunately we now have to look at the peeling wallpaper which was behind it and the residue of the tape just makes the entire area look tatty and ugly.

I'd love a statement splashback, perhaps in duck egg blue or turquoise to inject a boost of colour to a mostly white tiled kitchen and to also provide a bright focal point around one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. This could be achieved using tiles such as Metro Glass Green wall tiles (closest colour) which could continue from the border of the white tiles, or a glass splashback could be applied which could also serve as a light-booster when the fan-extractor and wall lights are switched on.

Floor tile ideas                                                                                                                                        

Sophie and Lily existing floor tiles

As for the floor tiles, we would love to replace the existing sandy-beige geometric tiles with a wood-effect tile. I'm partial to a driftwood style such as the Driftwood Beige Wood Effect floor tile where each tile is different and it isn't all the same and uniform. It would need to be durable of course, what with having a cocker spaniel and the problem with tiled floors is that they feel cold; underfloor heating would be very desirable and I dare say the puppy wouldn't turn his nose up at the idea of laying upon a warm, cosy floor.

Plenty more Pinterest ideas and musings:                                                                     

3 of my favourite pins for the Tile Mountain Pinterest board:

I've created a Pinterest mood board with some of my favourite tile choices and galley kitchen inspiration which helps me imagine what my kitchen could look like.
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Now to consider kitchen accessories...

Thank you so much for reading and thanks to Tile Mountain for hosting this brilliant competition. I will no doubt run ideas past you and document our makeover on my YouTube channel Sophie and Lily should I win!

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