Thursday, 7 April 2016

Mud and Pies| Little Loves

Welcome back to my round up of favourites from the past week. Lily started back at preschool this week, and she should have gone back last Thursday but I neglected to write down the correct dates in my diary, woops! She is loving it and Alexander is enjoying some mummy time which keeps everyone happy.

Alexander armed with glitter Sophie and Lily


I have read a few interesting blog posts lately, but one that I related to in a way was Emily and Indiana's account of her feelings of anxiety in Anxiety and Me. I'm looking forward to meeting her this year at BritMums :)


One morning we woke to hear Lily telling Alexander:

"Don't worry Baby Alex, Daddy will come and get us soon and get us breakfast. I promise!"

Rob and I had a little giggle at that, mostly because she had such a reassuring tone to her voice, as if we have actually left them and she was being the strong leader about to take charge, and the fact that she said that daddy would get them up and feed them, mwahaha!


Nearly all of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as it was on Film4 this week. I ended up nodding off whilst watching it on the sofa and gave up but I have already seen it and now I need to catch up and watch the final movie.


I made an apple pie recently and I had run out of baking block to make the pastry, so I used lard instead. Lard doesn't conjure up many lovely thoughts, given what it is made of, but it made the pastry really light, short, flaky and delicious. Just not suitable for vegetarians. The remainder of the pastry I used to top a fish pie, so the pastry worked very well for savoury and sweet bakes. I will definitely make it again in this way.

fish pie made with flaky spelt pastry with lard Sophie and Lily


I've been wearing my Joules muck boots fairly regularly, squelching through mud and sandy banks whilst on dog-walks. I just need to remind myself that they are only waterproof as high as the welly boot goes, otherwise I will soak my feet.

Sophie and Lily Joules Muck Boots muddy walks

And lastly

Talking about dogs, I am going to see the doctor to determine whether I have a dog hair/dander allergy. I know I have a daffodil allergy and this daffodil season has been stupidly long, but I am experiencing prolonged symptoms including a horrible itchy sore throat which feels like a million cuts and congestion, none of these symptoms are being dampened by using daily anti-allergy pills.
We shall await the outcome...

cocker spaniel potential allergy



  1. Love the muddy boots we have been working on the garden and taking lots of walks but with April Showers my Joules boots have been on too. :) Constantly. I read anxiety and me such a great post. Look forward to seeing both of you at BritMums this year. So cute Alex reassuring Lily... I would have laughed out loud too. Have a lovely weekend ahead darling. #littleloves

  2. What a yummy pie! I never make them any more as sadly neither of my girls like pastry. Boo :(
    How cute is Lily reassuring Alexander. I love it when little ones adopt grown up voices when talking to babies.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Aww thank you for sharing my post! I was going to say we must meet at Britmums, I need a buddy haha :). Hope you get some answers regarding your allergy, sounds horrible! xx

  4. I love an apple pie! I hope you're not allergic to dogs too - fingers crossed for good news at the doctors x


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