Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Meadow Kids 'In the Garden' wooden threading beads review

Alexander is approaching his second birthday and shortly he will have his 2 year check up with a health visitor. From my experience with the form filling and practising certain tasks with Lily a few years ago I remembered that one of the questions asked whether the child was able to thread items on a thread, such as cotton reels. We were given the opportunity to to review a wooden threading toy from British toy company Meadow Kids which specialise in creating bright, vibrant toys and books tailored for preschool and Key Stage 1 children. This product review opportunity couldn't have come at a better time to be honest!

Meadow Kids In the Garden wooden threading beads packaging

The product we received in return for an honest review was the 'In the Garden' wooden threading beads which features over 12 chunky painted wooden garden features, such as leaves, toadstools, insects and flowers and two shoe-laces; one light green and one dark green. These are packaged away in a handy clear satchel with poppers to secure it; ideal for keeping the toys all together and for travelling.

Meadow Kids large wooden painted chunky beads

Despite the packaging recommending this threading toy for children from the age of 3, I was happy for both my children (age 22 months and 4 years old) to play with it, especially given the chunky sizes of the threading beads which are easier to grasp whilst attempting to thread the laces through. Ideal for developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity and improving overall cognitive development and again excellent for Alexander to play with so we can tick that box for his 2 year check!
In addition, all the toys Meadow Kids create comply with European and American Safety Requirements as well as necessary chemical requirements, so I am reassured that the paint used is completely safe.

Both kids getting involved with the In the Garden threading toy

I appreciate having some form of storage for the beads and the laces as all too often these kinds of toys can get divided and scattered from each other, I just need to pack the wooden beads in carefully to enable the poppers to meet securely.

Alexander attempting to thread the green lace

Alexander enjoyed getting to grips with threading the laces through the beads once I had tied a simple knot at one end although some of the beads he found more difficult than others as the lace caught on the inside, but overall he has thoroughly enjoyed this toy. It makes a change for the cotton reel toy Lily learnt and perfected this skill with a few years ago. Alexander also loves pointing out the flowers and the bees and the ladybirds too, so it is also a bit of a conversation starter too.

Alexander getting the hand of bead threading

The Meadow Kids wooden threading beads range also includes 'Build a Train' and 'Fruit Salad' and retail at £12.99.



  1. Love this type of toy, great for co-ordination and lovely quality!


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