Wednesday, 22 June 2016

4 weeks pregnant - Pregancy Update

So although I actually am uncertain about just how far along I am due to funny post-breasfeeding cycles, I am roughly guestimating ~ 4 weeks.
I just took another pregnancy test strip actually, and got the Big Fat Positive I was waiting for, which is a lovely sight and I am really, really happy.

Sophie and Lily 4 weeks pregnant
May have to retake photos so I don't look this short! ;)

How I am feeling:


Yesterday I experienced what felt like an intermittent stitch between my pelvis and abdomen. I quickly stopped Googling what it could be but it could be ligaments and muscles moving and being sensitive to these big changes going on inside my body.
The very strange UTI in the making feeling keeps appearing for a short while and this prompts me to drink a large glass of water.
I have been feeling really susceptible to changes in temperatures and whilst I am far from having a hot flush I am actually having rapid chills! I will suddenly be overcome by a cold sensation which will make me shiver despite being nice and warm mere seconds before. Very strange!


 I really, really fancied a banana. And I am not a banana eater at all. So this idea really surprised me as I started daydreaming about eating a nana whilst out on a walk. I ate at least half of one sliced on top of peanut butter on toast and it was amazing. Followed by salt and vinegar crisps! I may as well eat some crazy strong tasting food now before I potentially feel as sick as a dog and can't bear the thought of food.


Overall, not bad at all. No particular out of the ordinary breakouts or dryness or oiliness. It seems to be pretty happy. As for the rest of me, I have purchased a Vaseline spray moisturiser. I have always basted myself in moisturiser during my pregnancies and this one will be no exception, even if sometimes I may not have enough time to, I always try. So this spray may be the quick and easy option since I can mist it out and rub it in quickly. If only it really was just spray and go though, that would be fab!


We have been sleeping downstairs on the sofa bed which is more like a generous single bed and despite this I have been sleeping quite well. I have had the occasional short-lived wave of tiredness during the day and it hits my eyelids more than anything; I can feel them getting heavier and heavier but then I snap out of it.

Embryo development:

The ever-growing ball of cells is roughly the size of a poppy seed and the basic placenta and umbilical cord is already working.

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x Sanatogen Mum-to-be pregnancy supplement per day
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin per day

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes


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