Tuesday, 28 June 2016

5 weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Update

How I am feeling:


The is it or isn't it UTI feeling has disappeared, hooray! But I have been waking up bursting for a wee first thing in the morning. Absolutely no hanging around in bed! I've been feeling pretty bloated and I'm not sure why, I am drinking lots of water though.

5 weeks bump shot baby number three

 I've started feeling hungry in the mornings but sometimes I rapidly go off eating anything; the longer I leave eating the weaker I feel so I have been having regular snacks. I woke up one morning feeling a tiny bit queasy, but I had a lot of stressful things on my mind which probably contributed to that sensation.


Still been rather enjoying bananas which is very strange!


Still pretty good, hooray!


Sleeping pretty well for the moment, but occasionally feel a bit sleepy in the day around 3pm.

Embryo development:

The ever-growing ball of cells is roughly the size of a sesame seed and the basic placenta and umbilical cord is already working.

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x Sanatogen Mum-to-be pregnancy supplement per day
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin per day

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes


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