Monday, 27 June 2016

Disney Frozen Top Trumps | Toyologist Review

Lily adores Frozen, despite us not owning a functioning DVD of the film anymore. Perhaps it was overuse or sticky fingers? The adults breathed a sigh of relief but whilst we have been umming and aahing as to whether and when to replace it, Toyologist Lily has enjoyed playing with her set of Disney Frozen Top Trump cards.

The sparkly box contains 30 cards each lightly laminated to withstand use by children aged 4 years and up; Alexander still doesn't know his own strength so he managed to bend one quite quickly but we restored it easily enough.

Disney Frozen Top trumps

Each card features a different magical character from the film and whilst you may wonder how did they manage that since there are fewer than 30 main characters, the cards feature other characters or recognisable faces. So aside from Anna, Elsa and Christoff, you will also find Young Anna, Young Elsa as well as 'extras's such as The Wandering Oaken, Wolves and the Arendelle Baby.

A "How to Play" card is included too.
Lily sorting the cards

For children who are as infatuated by Frozen as Lily is, there won't be an unrecognisable face within the set, so there will be limited confusion whilst playing the game.

"Yoo-hoo! Big summer blow-out!"
Lily organising the cards

The Disney Top Trumps cards requires between 2 and 6 players, but more often than not, Lily simply enjoys laying all the cards out and admiring them as well as identifying who each character is as she is yet to understand the Top Trumps rules.

Anna is a top trump card

Perfect for small hands
Lily finds the case a little bit difficult to open herself, but I am glad that I can tuck away the cards neatly for another time.

For the RRP of £4.99, the Disney Frozen Top Trumps cards would make an excellent travelling game, small gift or even Christmas stocking filler. I would be happy for Lily to continue to play with these and not before long we will be able to have a decent game all together.

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