Sunday, 24 July 2016

11 weeks pregnant - Pregnancy Update

11 weeks pregnant and scan pic
no bump shot this week!

How I am feeling:


All about the bloat again, which could also be exacerbated by pre-scan nerves. I am a big ball of worry, negativity, if this is a pregnancy following the miscarriages, despite having had Alexander! Irrational I know, but probably completely normal to feel this way. I don't think I felt this stressed even in the lead up to Alexander's scan!


I've been trying to up my water-intake because of the bloating, which sometimes makes me feel so full I don't have much of an appetite. Which is a shame because I can manage to eat things I normally wouldn't be able to.


Getting a lot better, probably thanks to managing to eat better although I do notice bad skin the day after eating chocolate. How unfair!

Embryo development:

With a bony face, the foetus is looking much more like a baby and is developing testes or ovaries.

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x folic acid
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin per day

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes

Watch the vlog and find out just how active my scan turned out to be!



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