Tuesday, 26 July 2016

12-13 weeks pregnancy update

12-13 weeks pregnant bump shot

How I am feeling:


I'm feeling so much more NORMAL! Hooray! My energy is coming back and I am able to cook things that I wouldn't have dared even looking at a few weeks ago. Aside from the odd spot of low blood pressure I am feeling rather well and that makes me very happy. I sometimes think I can feel some kind of pop sensation, but not sure if it is the baby, or gas! I am also becoming more aware of my womb rising up beyond my pelvic bone, there is a definite firmness for sure.


All food is good at the moment!


And my skin is being 'normal' too, aside from the odd spot. I must have neglected skincare when I was feeling at my most rubbish, but I think I have rescued it.

Embryo development:

Foetus has started to develop the moro reflex, which we will see when he/she is born! (AKA the startle, argghhh I'm falling! reflex)

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x folic acid
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin per day

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes

Take a look at the latest pregnancy vlog to hear how we planned to tell people, and whether we waited for the screening results.


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