Wednesday, 20 July 2016

5 * Sun Protection Tips by Soltan

At the beginning of July the UK experienced some fairly rain-heavy weather but we are currently experiencing a heatwave! 

 It may almost be comparable to Portugal, but sun screen is just as important on days when it is not sunny at all, even when it feels really warm and muggy. Have a read of these facts courtesy of Soltan...

Soltan 7 tips about UV and sun protection

  Why choose Soltan?

Boots Soltan is the No.1 5 UVA sun protection brand

With over 75 years of expertise protecting the nation’s skin, Boots Soltan has always been committed to giving you uncompromised sun protection

 All of Boots Soltan products are 5 rated, because they give the highest level of protection against UVA, the sun’s rays that cause deeper down damage.

Soltan can help you choose the best sun cream for you with the online SPF selector tool As I am travelling within Northern Europe and I have fair skin, the online SPF selector has suggested SPF 25-30+ since I can burn but tan minimally.

I will definitely be applying sun screen to myself and the kids; Alexander has his father's skin tone whilst Lily is fair like me so despite their differences I will always apply sunscreen and ensure they wear a hat - even if Alexander takes it off immediately!

Soltan pic from BritMums Live 16
Great to meet the Soltan team at #BML16 :)


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