Sunday, 10 July 2016

7 weeks pregnancy update

7 weeks pregnant bump shot title

How I am feeling:


Major tiredness and queasiness have been the flavours of the week. I've donned a pair of Sea-Bands and perhaps they are actually making me feel better, or it is a placebo. No chance of any light HIIT workouts or yoga, that is for sure! Booking in appointment is in 3 weeks which seems absolutely ages away and still no early scan. Still going through phases of bloatedness and 'normalness', not sure what is going on sometimes!


I have really been enjoying cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches - crusts off! I never cut crusts off for the children, but I have been doing so for myself, not really sure why though.


Skin is mediocre at best at the moment. Boo!


Sleep has been fine, but nausea kicks in even before I am fully awake due to having an empty stomach. I have been nibbling on Belvita Breakfast biscuits which kind of work.

Embryo development:

The size of a blueberry and it's palate is forming now!

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x Sanatogen Mum-to-be pregnancy supplement per day
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin per day

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes


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