Thursday, 21 July 2016

8 weeks pregnancy update

8 weeks pregnant bump shot for The Bump Diaries

How I am feeling:


Major tiredness and queasiness have been the flavours of the week yet again but with a significant different; actually been physically sick twice (8 weeks 3 and 4 days, once after a car journey and once immediately in the morning). And just before a Dorset mini-break with my Dad too, excellent timing! I decided to let him know our little secret. I'm sure he would have got suspicious anyway...
Ironically I wasn't ill or sick at all on our mini-break. Mind over matter or something. This also happened when I went camping in 2011, 9-10 weeks pregnant with Lily. I was sick as a dog before the holiday and I wondered whether I would be able to cope, or if anyone would guess, but I wasn't ill at all. As soon as I got back from holiday I started puking again, lovely!


Cheese sandwiches are no longer on the menu! Funny how much your tastes can change during pregnancy; they were absolutely great but now I can't even think about them, let alone prepare one!


Skin is just not great, and getting me down. Mostly spotty on my cheeks, giving me a Noddy-esque blush. Chlorine from swimming probably didn't help either.
I have become very lazy at applying any form of body cream, even my super simple to apply Vaseline spray and go...


Sleep whilst on holiday was broken initially but improved and the break was cut short due to the weather so I slept a whole lot better when I was home.

Embryo development:

The embryo is losing it's tail and it is constantly moving.

Vitamins and supplements:

1 x Sanatogen Mum-to-be pregnancy supplement per day - No more, since I realised I was having more than my daily dose of Iron each day, causing constipation.
So I have switched to 1 x folic acid tablet a day, for now
1 x low-dose 75mg aspirin per day

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes

Take a look at my 8 weeks pregnant vlog!



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