Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cloth Nappy Stash for Baby #3

Once Alexander had definitely stopped cloth nappies, I decided to keep them 'just in case' but decided that ultimately he was weeing through every one and it was time to sell.

Fast forward to now and I am expecting baby number three, who I would rather like to cloth nappy from birth again. I have no qualms about whether it could fail again, but I would prefer the baby to go into cloth at first. My husband isn't convinced this time around.

"What if it is a boy again? They won't work"
"It will be our third and probably last child, so they aren't an investment now"

Well, yes, Alexander just didn't suit cloth; perhaps it was the kind of nappies we had but he would reliably out-pee them. I could have chosen different nappies as it is of course all about trial and error and I also could have stuffed them with different and more inserts and boosters which could have compromised on fit. And he is probably right about the investment, so I am looking to add some budget nappies to the stash and of course I can always sell them on again.

Here is the vlog I made a while ago, showcasing the AIO and pocket newborn and XS cloth nappy stash:

Out of the nappies mentioned, our 'go-to' nappies of choice ended up being the Bumgenius xs, TotsBots Teenyfits, Wonderoos Real Easy xs and wraps with muslins as they washed and dried really quickly. For night times, the TotsBots Bamboozle stretch with a wrap worked really well.

All in One and Pocket newborn and extra small cloth nappy stash
Back row: Bumgenius xs, Real Easy newborn (yellow centre), front row: TotsBots Teenyfits and Thirsties wrap

Ultimately we both preferred using Velcro /hook and look fastening over poppers during the early months as we could achieve a decent fit around tummies and around legs. Having said that, the Real Easy xs nappies featured poppers but since they are designed to fit much smaller babies we could get a really good fit. I liked these nappies particularly as they looked like a Fuzzibunz nappy with the fold out absorbant flap just like in a TotsBots Teenyfit/Easyfit. They were really absorbent, stains came out well in the wash and whilst drying in the sunshine, containment of breastfed baby poo was great, although the fabric piled a bit in the wash and became bitty.

I would use the above mentioned nappies again and I kind of am annoyed at myself for selling them on. So in addition to perhaps getting a few of these trusted nappies, I am also looking for some budget nappies. I haven't used Little Lambs before, apart from the wonderful fleece liners, so I will look into those as there are often good bundle offers. I have also heard good things about Little Blooms newborn nappies too.

Joules TotsBots Easyfit Farmer print
I love Joules, why wasn't there a Joules Print back when Lily wore cloth, boohoo! But baby number three could look great in them :)

Cloth nappies have definitely improved and become more popular since I started buying them whilst expecting Lily in 2011. The range is huge and there is a nappy suitable for any baby or toddler it seems. TotsBots have so many different varieties of their Easyfit nappy now (including a Joules print, squeee!!), its hard to keep up! Now I have heard of "PeeNut" wraps, I am really intrigued. Safe to say I have caught the cloth nappy bug again and I am looking forward to building my stash again, perhaps with some new nappies.

retro TotsBots Teenyfits
I'm not sure what year these Teenyfits were produced, but could have been first or second generation?
I'll write little posts featuring fluffy post as and when. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you :)

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