Monday, 25 July 2016

Home Renovation: Underfloor Heating?

As many of you know, we live in an 110 year old Victorian property which has seen a degree of renovations. Since we moved in we have been able to see the potential and slowly but surely we are getting there.

different white paint testers for the Kitchen
The trouble with too much white in a confined space is that it could look too clinical, sterile and arctic.
My focus lately has been the kitchen, which is a wide galley kitchen with a large-side aspect window. I have been using paint testers to figure out what variety of white paint to use on the walls. I feel kind of limited to white to make the room appear as light, bright and airy as possible. However, a downside to too much white is that the atmosphere can feel quite clinical and certainly in winter, quite cool. What better way to introduce some cosy heat into the kitchen than underfloor heating? I would be so happy to walk across the warmed tiles of the kitchen floor to make breakfast when it is still dark outside. My children wouldn't feel a chill as they pad their way through to the bathroom at the rear of the house.

kitchen and example of some components used for underfloor heating installation

I suppose there are a few considerations we need to address before we look into underfloor heating even further, namely costs and efficiency. Would we need to raise the floor for installation?  What kind of underfloor heating produces an even distribution of heat in what size of room and importantly which type is cost-efficient? Could we make a saving in comparison to radiators? I have so many questions, which also are asked in this survey by Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies. I suggest that if you too have some ideas about a future project involving underfloor heating that you have a go; the survey may give you some valuable food for thought.

This is a sponsored post: all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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