Monday, 25 July 2016

My Cats & Kitten Kollege

Many of you will know that I am a cat lover, always have been and always will be.

I tried to convince my parents to get a cat when I was much younger, having just returned from cuddling some adorable kittens and getting rather attached to them, but we lived on a busy road. I was reassured that once we moved house then we could get a cat, but it took almost 8 years of a feigned cat allergy for me to just get a cat myself.

I chose a kitten who I named Louie and he was a gorgeous silver-grey Maine Coon cross. He was very playful and at one point was smaller than a slipper but I'm sure he would have been mammoth had he not been involved in a road accident. I returned from university for Christmas to that terrible news and I was so excited to see him. He was my baby.

A few years later I chose a pedigree fawn British Shorthair female cat who initially had many names, including Bella, Toulouse, Emmy and then finally settled on 'Daft Cat' or DC for short. However, she still has a variety of name variations in active use; Detective Constable, Deecy Weecy, or just 'Girl'. She is a big girl who just enjoys the safety of my parent's home and garden after having gone missing for a whole month one time. She likes to lie sprawled out on the floor right at the top of the stairs and enjoys having her belly rubbed.

DC Fawn British Shorthair cat close up shots

We decided to get Louie neutered. It is the most sensible thing to do. Even though I did daydream about the stunning kittens he could father, it would be less that ideal for him to be prowling around searching for a female on heat and bothering them. Plus it is known that male cats can travel a great distance to find a female, so neutering reduces them from straying too far, thereby reducing owner worry and 'lost and found' posters being put up. DC was already neutered as she was going to be a breeding queen because of her unusual colour, but it wasn't to be for her. With her breed it has become important to pay attention to her diet, as some cats are prone to weight-gain following neutering, so plenty of play and mental stimulation can encourage the laziest of mogs to get moving.

A big difference between the cats has been the litter-training journey. I got Louie when he was a little baby kitten so it was our responsibility to teach him where to go when inside, and then we moved the litter box outside and he was quite happy going outside. DC on the other hand, was around 6 months when I got her, and she was living in a cattery outdoors so by the time we got her she was definitely of a mind set that she was just too posh to go outside and use her paws to dig. She is definitely used to her home comforts although she certainly isn't a spoiled cat. If she had watched this video by Whiskas and attended Kitten Kollege, cat litter would never have to be bought again!

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of cat neutering, there is even a 'lecture' on that. It contains some gorgeous kittens at 'Kitten Kollege' learning all about the importance and benefits of growing up as healthy, well-kept felines.

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