Friday, 22 July 2016

Sylvanian Families Seaside Ice Cream Shop | Review

Lily and I have kindly been sent a delightful Sylvanian Families Seaside Ice Cream shop to play with in return for this review since we are now "Friends of Sylvanian Families".

 Lily has played with the Silk Cat Family before, but had to use her imagination with the figures with her existing toys. This set is a complete ice cream shop, which in this current weather, sounds ideal!

Sylvanian Families ice cream shop with Striped Cat Mother

Because this is a set, Lily has been able to get her existing cat family to play-interact with Striped Cat Mother, the owner of the shop and they can all sample different flavoured ice creams (the flavours get even more varied and wonderful according to Lily, perhaps she has been to Sprinkles Gelato Bar for ideas!). It has been great for independent play, she has been using her imagination and creating little scenes and role-play themes for the toys which visit the ice cream shop.

Mrs Striped Cat, owner of the ice cream shop and a little cat boy enjoying a treat
The owner and a happy customer.

Although it is described as a 'seaside' ice cream shop, don't let that idea limit you and your child's imagination. It could be anywhere, I suppose the only thing about it which would make it suitable for the seaside particularly is that the shop has been designed like a lifeguard lookout on wooden stilts (albeit a bit on the short side). But of course, once extended with collectable Sylvanian Families seaside sets, it looks perfectly in place.

How you can extend the Seaside Ice Cream shop to make it even more 'seaside' and images of the contents and the attention to detail with the tiny ice cream cones and scoops of ice cream
I adore the attention to detail with the individual scoops of colourful ice cream and cornets. However, bear in my that these pieces are rather small, so consider smaller children as they could be a choking hazard. I will find a suitable storage box for the minute pieces.

Assembly of the set was simple; everything was neatly organised within the box and packaged individually in clear cellophane bags complete with a miniature Sylvanian Families catalogue. The one thing that appeared to be missing was any form of instructions, but just looking at the box gave me an idea of where to put things and the rest was common sense. Lily was really keen to apply the decorative stickers to the plastic features to give them more detail, but I was wary that they would be applied, well, like a 4 year old, so I made sure that I applied them as neatly as possible to get the best overall effect. It certainly needed a steady hand, and the application isn't quite perfect, but once they are applied that is it.

Infographic on the side of the box giving some idea about product assembly, and some suggestions for role play using this set

Overall, we both love the whimsical design, the attention the detail and the possibilities that it provides for role-play and creative imaginative play and character interaction; with Sylvanian characters and other toys, who must be pretty jealous of the idyllic ice cream bar in this current heatwave!

The owner having a treat herself, plus the ice cream shop roof terrace
The owner enjoying a well-deserved ice cream herself and the ice cream bar terrace, accessible by the ladder on the left; perfect for views over the ocean.


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