Friday, 19 August 2016

20 weeks pregnancy update

How I am feeling:


Pleased to say that I no longer have a cold, but it is taking a while to completely dry up. Better than blowing my nose all the time though! My poor nostril skin!
I had the 20 week anomaly scan and the baby was in the most difficult position for the sonographer to get a detailed look. Eventually we got all the measurements and sights we were after, even if I did have to get up, do star-jumps, jog on the spot and go to the toilet whilst touching my toes. Recipe for disaster?!
The baby did NOT want to let the sonographer identify its gender! So after all that, changing my mind from Team Green to Team Yes lets find Out! I am none the wiser!


Really been enjoying salady bits for lunch, dips, houmous and beetroot salad for example. Occasionally the odd stilton and crackers, mmm.


I've been upping my fruit consumption, particularly melon and this has probably influenced my skin. Lovely and clear, but also been remembering to use my Estee Lauder eye cream more often which could also be helping with reducing the dreaded side sleeping morning creases near my eyes. May have to invest in a silk pillow case or something!

Embryo development:

Baby is half-way there, vernix is covering the skin and it is swallowing the waters and producing its first meconium in its bowels.

Vitamins and supplements:

I came to the end of my 56 or so packet of 75 mg aspirin, so I am no longer taking it. I was reducing taking it , cutting it down each week until I finished the blister pack.
I'm not taking any additional medication or multivitamins now.

What I'm wearing:

Normal clothes for the majority of the time. I have bought some new clothes from Primark in sizes 10 and 12 but these are all tops. I bought some skinny jeans from ASOS and returned them as the under bump waist band started getting all holey and ripped after nearly two days of wear. I'm doubtful I will repurchase the exact same style as it didn't take long before they started sliding down my bum and going baggy behind the knees. H & M maternity over the bump jeans don't have that problem but the ankle holes - oh my goodness! I really struggle putting them on and taking them off. I have size 6 feet and skinny ankles so why are they so difficult to take off? The ankles could do with elastication!

I investigated in Primark and learnt that they discontinued maternity wear a while ago, so no cheapy pairs of jeans from there then.

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