Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bathroom Re-vamp Ideas & Wishlist

Aside from doing up the kitchen, the bathroom always plays on my mind. To be quite frank, the entire rear extension is a bit of nightmare; single brick walls for a bathroom? Such a no-no!

As a result, our bathroom suffers from condensation and who knows what paint layers are hiding on the walls, bubbling and peeling away. Bathroom accessories such as a boat, cute little signs and a lighthouse light-pull kind of jazz the room up but what it could really do with is a complete renovation. I would love to make the most of the space and a shower-bath such as an L-shape bath.

My ideal bathroom wishlist:

Ideal bathroom wishlist; sink vanity units, waterfall tap, white metro tile, butler sink, showerhead
I would love a shaker-style or panelled sink vanity with storage. Perhaps the butler sink style looks too much like a country kitchen sink? A waterfall shower and tap for the sink and bath would be fantastic. I love water features and it would be like having one indoors!

Now obviously these are all material things, albeit necessary but the crux of the matter probably lies in the actual structure of the room and the layout of the bathroom. For some reason, the shower head is above the end of the bath which begins to slope. That doesn't make sense to me, as you have to stand further away from the shower head!

Colour wise I'm afraid our bathroom wouldn't be too different from it's existing colour of white, just minus the white marble effect tiles. I would love to inject some colour into the bathroom though to go with the ever-popular seaside/coastal theme. Duck egg blue, light blues and sand could all go well.

Currently the windowsill houses the bath and shower products in active use which could really do with having its own storage, much like the bath toys. I don't really know what to do with the bath toys and I am not very keen in using a hammock style net so I will have to get my thinking cap on. I always have an orchid plant or two on the windowsill as they love the environment the bathroom create which is a plus.

Bathroom wishlist: shampoo storage, tile ideas and toilet brush
Sand and duck egg blue colours could suit the revamped bathroom with additional accessories which fit the coastal theme.
Once the kitchen is complete my mind will be 100% focused on the bathroom and we will have to investigate just how much work will need to go into it. In the meantime I will continue making my little ideal wishlists and tweaking my plans here and there until I am happy.

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