Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Kitchen Makeover Ideas & Plans

I have been wanting to update our kitchen for a while now and recently have just caught the DIY bug again, so I thought I would share my ideas and plans.

The kitchen is a galley kitchen, not a narrow one, but not wide enough for a table which is a shame. I do miss that, but as soon as we get laminate in the dining room the better! It currently boasts magnolia walls which look awful but we have grown accustomed to them. I hate that the kitchen has an overall orange glow in the evening and at night, which is probably also due to the warmth of the lightbulbs. I am hellbent on getting the kitchen to appear as airy and bright as possible; there is a large side-facing kitchen window but like most Victorian properties our rooms can be quite dark. So overall, our colour scheme throughout cannot really steer away from whites and neutrals. Even if I did take the plunge with colour, unfortunately the remainder of the rooms still sporting woodchip wallpaper so the overall effect wouldn't be as aesthetically pleasing.

So far I have tested milk white and clay white Crown paint and absolute white Dulux light and space. I applied one coat of each paint to two different areas of the kitchen; just beneath a kitchen wall-light and around the window frame to see how the colours would fare in different kinds of light. You can see for yourself how different they are, but as they dried my choice changed from the absolute white to the milk white paint. It isn't 'just' white; it can appear to have light grey or even green in it. I don't want the brightest white throughout the house so milk white could be the one.

The tiles are staying as we are on a budget and whilst they may not be everyone's cup of tea, they add some colour to the room and the clipart-style artwork adds a little something extra than being completely sterile white tiles. I have thoroughly cleaned the grouting and will need to re-seal the tiles behind the sink soon. I had better use some tester paints against the white window frames and the tile borders to see which one suits best.

The IKEA picture ledge will be removed in favour of a pair of IKEA STENSTORP 60 cm shelves and will serve as the tea/coffee/hot drinks station, combining tea and coffee canisters such as these from Marks and Spencer with the proximity of the kettle and the Tassimo coffee machine. What currently acts as our tea and coffee shelves will be replaced with a large IKEA STENSTORP plate shelf which also has handy hanging hooks.

I'd love a statement wall clock in the kitchen and whilst on holiday I saw this one from Marks and Spencer which could reduced even further. I love the little pops of colour which is why I gravitated towards it. I will read the reviews and see if it is still available. Of course, home renovation research is always ongoing and quite often my head is buzzing with ideas and my dreams seem to be DIY focussed too! LionsHome website has been proving useful at showcasing a variety of products I'm after; narrowing down results into a variety of budgets and partners including M & S and John Lewis. So perhaps I will be able to find the perfect clock sooner than I think!

Crown paints clay milk white, clay white and Dulux absolute white / Marks and Spencer Multispot wall clock / IKEA STENSTORP shelves / IKEA STENSTORP plate shelf / Marks and Spencer ceramic canisters / Paint testers; milk, clay and absolute

I expect that my plans will change over the course of planning the makeover, but I am looking forward to brainstorming ideas until I eventually satisfied. I will do another update soon! Thanks for reading.

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