Friday, 12 August 2016

Parenting Health and Safety Rules

I've heard a few in my time, even before I had children. Some have their roots firmly set in old wives' tales folklore and some are just plain ridiculous, in a funny, if slightly irritating way. 

NEBOSH courses from are perfect for those who actually want to educate themselves in realistic health and safety practice which could make the difference between being liable or not for an accident happening in the work place, whether it may involve you directly or not. Prevention is key and knowledge is power.

Now onto three different categories of parenting health and safety rules.

Old Wives' Tales /Folklore

Perhaps the most well-known is this one;

Don't allow a cat to enter the bedroom of a sleeping baby as it will steal its breath on account of the baby smelling milky.

A drop of whiskey on his gums will help a teething baby sleep.

Until the sixties it was unusual for a father to be present at the birth of his child. My grandpa was often told of the good news whilst on a golf course!

Unwanted advice from all and sundry

These are examples I have received from strangers and supposed well-wishers;

"If you carry them, they will never learn to walk.""

Whilst wearing my baby in a wrap. "You'll be sorry when you fall over and squash that baby."

"Disposable nappies are far better now than cloth nappies for babies' skin"
Each to their own on this one, but it cannot be denied that both kinds of nappies have developed leaps and bounds, particularly cloth nappies.

My own funny parenting health and safety advice for expectant parents

You may require a gas-mask for the nappies which follow the newborn traffic light colours of poo.
Tar black - Pesto green - Dijon mustard!

If you have a particularly windy baby, especially during nappy-free time, it could be worth to have an extra long changing mat!

Some baby products require a degree of engineering to assemble. Don't assume that "you've got this" until you have read the instructions twice and then again once more!

This is a collaborative post; all opinions and thoughts expressed are honest and my own.


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