Tuesday, 4 October 2016

21-27 weeks pregnant | The Bump Diaries

I have definitely slipped in keeping up with these updates on my blog as opposed to my vlogging channel Sophie and Lily. Although even two updates were merged as there simply wasn't much to report on.

So as I approach 29 weeks, here is a round up of pregnancy symptoms since 21 weeks;

21 weeks:

  • Baby has declared that it wants it's gender to remain a surprise! The 20 week anomaly scan showed a lot of umbilical cord coiled up down there plus baby was generally in a difficult position for this important scan
  • I feel on the verge of getting struck down with the dreaded leg cramp, but for the moment I know my limits on how far and how long I can stretch my legs whilst pointing my toes
  • I have started applying magnesium oil spray, but it does tingle/smart on my skin a bit
  • I have been upping the use of moisturiser and purchased another Vaseline Spray and Go, this time it is the 'Essential Healing' variety
  • Overall, felt a bit susceptible to unnecessary stress but I have put things in perspective
22 weeks

  • I have felt pretty emotional, often for no apparent reason
  • Itching to know the gender!
  • I have been struggling with Alexander clambering all over my bump, all elbows and sharp knees. But he kisses my tummy (and boobs!) through my top which is sweet
  • I have started experiencing very mild reflux, so will purchase some Rennies
  • I'm getting the cloth nappy bug again!
23-24 weeks

  • I have been experiencing what I can only assume to be Braxton Hicks and I have never had them this early before. Sometimes I can barely walk down the road without getting a stitch in the side of my abdomen. My usual walking pace is quite fast so perhaps my body is telling me to slow down a little bit, take it easy and drink some more water!
  • I have experienced my first bout of CRIPPLING leg cramp, owww!
  • I've also had a random symptom which I stupidly Googled (not a good idea at all!). My nose drips a very watery fluid when I bend over, literally splashing onto the floor and it tastes salty...
  • I have some Mod-Roc ready to produce a bump cast, but wondering when the best time is.
  • Bump is very active, and contorting and kicking the mattress when I lie on my side in bed
25 weeks

  • No bump cast as yet due to lurgies!
  • I've been feeling pretty warm in this weather
  • Suffering from bleeding gums but no sensitivity.
  • Lots of rapid growth and almost feel like my skin can't keep up with my bump growth!
  • My skin is rubbish at healing, it is taking ages for any rubs/blisters to heal on my ankles and the skin remains sensitive for many weeks afterwards
26 weeks

  • Baby brain is the order of this week! For some reason my brain thinks I'm either at 16 or 17 weeks pregnant!
  • I've had more leg cramp and it really hurts for the next few days despite baths and massages
  • I'm concerned that my recent craving for sweets and ice cream could influence my upcoming Glucose Tolerance Test

27 weeks

  • GTT was all clear and I ate my first mince pie of the season afterwards and it was very yummy!
  • Appetite has plateaued, so I don't feel like I need to overload on sweet things
  • I had a bad midwife appointment because Alexander was under the weather and exceedingly emotional. Despite this I heard the foetal heartbeat and it started out sounding like a galloping horse but transitioned to a chugging train. Midwife was reluctant to spend any more time examining my bump to determine whether the baby was head up or down so Alexander wouldn't get any more distressed
  • Bump is measuring 26.5 weeks which she told me was acceptable for my figure and stature
  • My usual midwife has jacked in community midwifery so hopefully for the next appointments I shall have one nice midwife to get to know
  • I haven't gained much weight according to the recommendations in the blue book based on BMI...
  • I am continuing to maintain squat exercises which should be helpful for my pelvic floor, preparing for labour and having a perkier bum, ideal!
  • I have started applying coconut oil to my bump too in addition to the Vaseline Spray and Go and my bump feels a lot more softer
  • I reckon my stomach muscles have separated...
Thanks for reading if you get this far!

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