Saturday, 29 October 2016

29 weeks pregnant | The Bump Diaries

How I am feeling:


The cold which I suffered with last week is just taking its time drying up, but for the most part I feel loads more like my usual self.
I have started taking Osteocare Magnesium and Calcium tablets as the Mg oil spray wasn't working effectively (plus has the tingly side effects), but these tablets are absolutely gigantic! Hopefully the cramps will reduce and hurt less in the days afterwards.
Did the baby turn around/go head down/back to back? Over the course of 24 hours I think something shifted as I lost any space between bust and bump, it just merged. What are car journeys going to be like from now on I wonder, I was already getting uncomfy as everything is so compact. I need to sit up straighter in order to breathe effectively, or even digest!
Strangely bump changed shape again and returned to the shape it was before. For reassurance I watched my 29 week update with baby number two and found that back then I had exactly the same symptoms. Even though I am feeling a bit more comfortable now I am seriously considering a maternity pillow/sausage thing to nest in. Anything to get my settled in bed!


I've had a real hankering for crispy, red Royal Gala apples, mmm!


I'm continuing in my quest to hydrate the skin around my eyes and I have added Weleda Skin Food to my routine,which is very thick. I'm sure the majority of it wipes off on my pillowcase though, but can't hurt to try anyway.

Foetal development:

Baby Bee is continuing to pile on the chub and is the length of an average laptop. Something that Rob could understand haha!

Foetal Movement:

Baby Bee can shift from side to side, turning my kind of squoval belly into a lop-sided mountain. Is it it's bum? Who knows?

What I'm wearing:

Oversized light knits with maternity support tops with nursing straps from Jo Jo Maman Bebe (also give you a fantastic cleavage!). I'm still in and out of non-maternity and maternity trousers/jeans/leggings. I have two pairs of size small New Look maternity leggings but the waistband kind of garrots my mid-section so I fold it down which probably compromises on the fit overall. Wrinkly leggings is not so much a good look!

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