Friday, 14 October 2016

Finishing Touches to the Kitchen

We haven't completely finished our kitchen, but we have the essentials at least.

I have some ideas that I'd love to be able to put in place though. It may not be for now, or maybe not even for this house but we are determined to put our own stamp on our house for however long we may live there.

So far we have painted the walls, changed the cupboard doors and door knobs, painted the kickboards and sides of cabinets to match the new doors and we have also installed new shelves, an induction hob and a new oven.

My big bug bear with the fairly wide galley kitchen is that if you look close enough, nothing has really been installed or fitted evenly. It is a Victorian terrace mind you, so it will have been altered along the way. But once I notice something being wonky or just a bit off-centre it does irritate me. But there is little we can do about certain things, especially when working with a budget.

I'd love to replace the rarely used cooker hood, which apparently serves to annoy me. Not only has it been installed slightly askew but too low so I often bump my head as I peer into saucepans on the rear rings of the hob. This is why I'd like to one day have a new one which will be fitted correctly and at the right height plus be fit for purpose!

The walls are pure brilliant white and I'd ideally like to inject some subtle colour in there, so we have been looking for the perfect roller blind too. I rather like the grey and yellow design as shown.
Perhaps in a future property I would like a statement feature wall within my kitchen, using white brick effect tiles which would add texture to the focal point. The only reason why we aren't able to do this right now is that we have painstakingly installed a white glass splashback and new shelves on the wall with the cooker hood. If the budget could extend to removing the existing clip art tiles and replacing the wall lights and cooker hood we would go for it.

Home renovations take a long time, and little details will come and go, such as magnetic air planters and my desire for a Le Creuset salt pig. But we are certainly getting there and I will share completed photos soon.

ideal finishing touches to kitchen, planter, wall tiles, blind, cooker hood, shelf and salt pig
1. Magnetic planter with air plant Moss & Twig 2. Grey and saffron geometric blind John Lewis / 3. Old White Brick Feature Wall Tile UK Feature Walls / 4. Stenstorp 60cm wall shelf IKEA / 5. Almond Stoneware Salt Pig Le Creuset  / 6. Built-in Stainless Steel cooker hood Whirlpool

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