Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Perfecting the School Run?

Alexander and his favourite bit of post

We have a few 'firsts' coming up...
Lily's first parent's evening and first half-term break and I *think* I may have solved the school run problem which started in the first week of term.

We are lucky that our school run doesn't actually involve driving anywhere, and the latest we should leave the house is 8:40 for school to begin at 8:55. However, whilst we may think we have enough time there are nearly always obstacles.

Usually it involves everyone trying to get ready. Lily dresses herself but sometimes struggles with tightening her shoe straps or her top button, but if Peppa Pig/Ben and Holly is on TV everything stalls, so off it goes. Reading book? Book bag? Water? Check!

Alexander needs more coaxing; new nappy, fresh clothes... tears when Daddy leaves sometimes. But getting him into a coat and the pushchair can be a struggle. Especially when I don't have the time to wrangle him in and risk having my pregnant tummy squashed in the battle. That is why I love it when someone is staying over, like my Dad and then I can casually walk Lily to school myself.
But then we were delivered a Boden Kids catalogue and Alexander adores it. That catalogue is what gets him into the pushchair without back-arching and resisting being strapped in! He has a good look at it whilst we are walking to and from school and makes us giggle when he 'oohs' and 'aahs' at the most loveliest clothes.

I have to choose my battles when we arrive at school though. For the first few days I'd park up the pushchair in the playground and get Alexander out and in we'd all go. Yes, after all the hassle of wrangling him into the pushchair not minutes before. Then he'd settle himself down at a table in Lily's classroom and begin an activity whilst I helped Lily get herself sorted. Then we'd have inevitable tears as I attempt to leave with Alexander in tow. Now I park the pushchair within the staffed courtyard right by the front door and leave Alexander there. I'm literally a matter of minutes as Lily gets stuck in and hasn't had a problem settling in whatsoever.

But I feel torn that I have to leave him there, sometimes crying. I hear tutting from parents who walk their children past him. But what can I do? He'll cry if I take him inside or he'll cry (albeit for a short time) if he remains outside in the pushchair. He knows I will come back. But then the Boden catalogue has turned things on its head and he is pretty content to say goodbye to Lily and resume flicking though the pages.

It probably is a bit of funny sight, seeing a two year old clutching a Boden Kids catalogue. Don't get me wrong, I love Boden, but I can't dress my children in head-to-toe Boden every day. The clothes are simply gorgeous and bright which suits our tastes. It could appear to be a bit middle-class to some bemused passers-by, but providing he is happy, I am happy too!

So, for the moment (however short it may be) I may have cracked the school-run saga. That is until I also have a newborn baby with me. Oh and Alexander refuses to have the raincover on when necessary, so that is a different battle entirely!


  1. Aw Bless you lovely I remember the Reception days well. A little chaotic but we got through it. You have to do what makes them happy for an easy morning, I love that he reads the Boden catalogue, far too cute xx

  2. You always looks so cool calm and collected when I see you, bit like a swan on the water all serene on top bit you don't see the frantic paddling underneath x


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