Wednesday, 23 November 2016

34 weeks pregnant

34 weeks pregnant bump shot

How I am feeling:


Reflux seems to be a reliable symptom and I'm not only experiencing it as soon as I get into bed but also at random times during the day - usually when I am sitting down. Another bottle of Gaviscon has been bought which I sip from during the night.
I'm continuing to visit the loo at least once during the night although it is a bit of a pain having a downstairs bathroom!
Baby Bee continues to pull some interesting shapes, particularly in the bath. Apparently the back is on my left side (as I look down at the bump) but it is capable of making the other side really lumpy so I'm not sure what it is doing to make such a mountain out of my tummy! I've also been feeling lots of small movements within my pelvis, I wonder if Baby Bee is scratching her ears or something!
Hiccups are very regular and I have to admit that they do sometimes make me feel quite queasy. It is like a ticking clock inside me.
I've experienced some rather intense BH contractions - at one point I had to bend over the handle bars of the pushchair on the way back from the school run and hum! Luckily I haven't had a repeat of that. Baby B can stay put until at least 37 weeks so a home birth can be considered.


I haven't been feeling particularly hungry, but I have noticed that I don't suffer with reflux as badly if I eat Nutella chocolate spread, yay!


Skin is really good and I'm lucky to not have any stretch marks. I do have spidery veins though, but I'm so pale these can almost look purple or bue!
Foetal development:

Baby Bee is around the size of a cantaloupe melon and I look like I have swallowed a melon! Apparently it could weigh around 4.23 pounds!
Foetal Movement:

As above, Baby Bee is active but does have periods of 'rest' and dancing.

What I'm wearing:

Same old; maternity jeans with the band rolled now so they are pretty much falling down, plus any top I like. The New Look leggings I purchased are ridiculously comical on my frame; the elastic waistband is too tight so I have to wear them beneath the bump which results in super, super baggy leggings and a crotch which is almost down to my knees! Not attractive! The one pair of leggings which I can rely on are the ASOS maternity leather effect leggings, they are fab! Oh so comfortable and stay put!

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