Wednesday, 23 November 2016

35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant bump shot

How I am feeling:


Much the same as last week - bit of reflux here and there and generally feeling a bit more tired. The shorter days aren't helping much. I've been suffering from another symptom which I associate more with the early weeks and that is nasal congestion. Each time I blow my nose I notice some blood, lovely!

I had my 36 week appointment at 35+5 and learned that Baby Bee was still head down with back on my left side, but also that Bee is 3/5 engaged. Which means absolutely nothing for 2nd/3rd+ babies. I will hopefully get the birthing ball pumped up and get bouncing!


Same as last week; I seem to be going through phases of having a good appetite or having a poor appetite.


Again, much the same. I'm taking care of my skin in this colder weather. However I have noticed that my little finger on my left hand has started getting dry skin where the rings are worn. I have removed them for now and I have been applying coconut oil and hand cream. Not sure if that is just random or pregnancy related!

Foetal development:

Baby Bee is around the size of a honeydew melon (this means nothing to me!) and I look like I have swallowed a melon! Apparently it could weigh around 5 and a quarter pounds!

Foetal Movement:

Baby Bee continues to throw some shapes and have bursts of hiccups. At my midwife appointment it was determined on kicking the heartbeat monitor probe, whilst having hiccups which sent it's heart beat into the 160s! Calm down Baby Bee!

What I'm wearing:

Still usual non-maternity tops, big cardies and drapey scarfs teamed with maternity jeans. I am just particular about which ones now they are always falling down!

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