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Co-sleeping solutions | Bedside Cribs

Apart from our stay in the labour ward and when we were readmitted for jaundice treatment, Alexander shared a bed with us.

Co-sleeping - sharing a bedroom
Bed-sharing - sleeping in the same bed

I often hear co-sleeping even when bed-sharing is actually going on, so I thought I'd clarify that.

The day me and Alexander were discharged from hospital back in 2014 was the day that the news exploded with the dangers of co-sleeping (read, bed-sharing) and I was constantly reminded of this.
I had expressed an interest in bed-sharing with the second baby for a long while and I had done a lot of research to make it suitable and safe for everyone.

Why did I ultimately think it is was a good idea? Ease of breastfeeding, of course.
I actually found that by having Alexander in bed with us, we were less disturbed, less sleep-deprived and we all were well-rested by the morning. He wasn't a sicky baby who very often filled his nappy during the night which was also very handy!

With Lily I was up and down with her beside the bed in a moses basket which I couldn't see into unless I got up and peered in. I tried to feed her in bed by propping myself up against the shelf-like headboard with pillows which took some time to get comfortable and disturbed Rob too. The only other chair I had in the bedroom at the time was a wicker Lloyd Loom chair which is dire for nursing, with no room for elbows to rest with comfort at all. If needs must I pottered downstairs and fed her on the sofa, laying down. After continuing with this first-time parenting carry on, I decided that if she woke in the morning she would come into bed and feed (laying down) and stay with us until morning. This was our first experience of bed-sharing.

I'd realistically love to have a repeat experience of bed-sharing as we did with Alexander, from the ages of newborn to 14 months (transitioning to a cot is a different story for another time). We have a lovely king-size bed with a divan base and on my side, a Lindam bed rail is secured. We don't smoke, take drugs, drink or we wouldn't bed-share at all. 

However, we are expecting our third baby and I am considering the option of having a bedside crib which will allow for co-sleeping and for some degree, bed-sharing. Baby Bee can sleep within the secure surroundings of the bedside crib, I can see Baby Bee easily and less-active night feeds can continue. A good night's sleep (or as much as one can have in the early months) will be particularly useful for Rob who will have a lot of work to deal with.

There are a variety of bedside cribs to choose from including the following:

All bar the the Halo can attach securely to your bed and adjust to a range of heights.
All have the option of using all four sides so it can be used as a standalone crib.
The Halo isn't technically a bedside co-sleeper crib BUT allows the closeness and ease of access you'd require, with additional vibration mode, sounds, nightlight, music and even a nursing timer!

With even just this many options, I'm going to have my work cut out choosing one which is suitable for us in the long-run.

Have you shared a bed from birth? Would you choose to bed-share again or use a co-sleeping crib?
I'd love to know your thoughts.



  1. Thanks for rising this sensitive and controversial topic! I like the idea of bedside co sleeping. It's great to keep your baby close, while following safety guidelines to have your baby in a separate crib or cot.

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