Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why I'm glad that I Vlogged my Pregnancy

I started YouTube when Lily was around 18 weeks old. I hadn't contemplated vlogging her pregnancy because I didn't own a camera with a video function and to be honest I was so, SO sick during the first trimester that I wouldn't have wanted to appear on camera anyway!

But when I started filming and editing snippets of our lives, I really got into the swing of YouTube and gained many friends throughout the journey. Some people don't 'get it' but now YouTube is definitely getting more popular and I absolutely encourage anyone to start a little video diary of their own. You will love watching vlogs from the past back, I can guarantee they will probably make you cringe a little re-watching yourself but to see my now 4.5 year old as a baby is absolutely lovely and we can re-live memories and watch them as a family.

I am particularly glad that I vlogged my pregnancy with Alexander. I didn't actually publish any trying to conceive (TTC) updates even though I did film a couple, mainly because of suffering two consecutive miscarriages. I just wanted to get on with life and concentrate on Lily. For the same reason I back-dated my vlogs so they weren't published in real time until after I was 15 weeks or so pregnant.

Here is my announcement vlog. I had found out I was pregnant 6 days before I presented Rob with a wrapped up digital test as our first anniversary present. We had agreed to just give cards, so it was an extra surprise after a period of sadness.

Now I am expecting my third baby (5th pregnancy) and I do occasionally look back at the pregnancy vlogs from 2 years ago. I also didn't know the gender back then, even though that was a decision of ours. I can compare notes and discover what could be 'normal' for me.

For example, just after I turned 29 weeks with this baby I suddenly started struggling with my breathing and lung capacity. Baby Bee must have moved because the bump suddenly started a lot higher up, just under my chest and I have felt huge. It is difficult to get comfortable on a chair, on the sofa, in the car. I did a bit of pregnancy vlog comparisons with other ladies' experiences at 29 weeks but pregnancy is so different for everyone. So I decided to watch my 29 week update from 2 years go which definitely put me at ease as I had exactly the same symptoms and discomfort back then!

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