Saturday, 31 December 2016

1 week Post Partum Update

mum and baby update 1 week post partum

All about Mum:

  • After-pains - oh my gosh these were horrific! They certainly do get worse after each baby, that is for sure. More painful than birth? Well, probably. The birth lasted minutes whereas the afterpains can go on and during feeds. I had to hold Rob's hand during the first night.
  • Post-partum bleeding -  is quite light and I wonder whether the raspberry leaf tea has helped. I am still drinking a cup or tea here and there.
  • Recovery - I started taking arnica once Freyja was born and it could be that it is helping, or that I got away lightly even with such a rapid birth
  • Breastfeeding - my milk came in on day 3 and I've experienced shivers and vasospasm already. my back occasionally hurts from the new size of my boobs and sometimes I can't even sit upright without some degree of pain. A short amount of pain with the initial latch but Freyja feeds like a pro.
All about Baby:

  • Freyja was born at a healthy 8 lb 10 oz and by day 3 had lost ~5% down to 8 lb 6 oz. By day 5 once my milk had come in she had gained 100g so she will be right back up to her birthweight very soon.
  • She has a remarkable suck reflex which was apparent from the moment she came out - she sported a suck blister on her right hand and kept making enthusiastic sucking sounds after delivery too. She latched straight away which was brilliant. She loves to suck but we have introduced a dummy to use if necessary, as if she uses me to comfort suck she ends up vomiting with all the milk overload
  • By day 3 we realised that Freyja sleeps really well on her front, so we have a sound and movement monitor for peace of mind for whilst she sleeps in the Bed Nest. We also bedshare depending on how the night pans out.
  • She gives lost of windy smiles which is the cutest thing, even though it is due to wind!
  • On day 5 the umbilical cord fell off and we are waiting for it to completely heal and dry up before her first bath experience.


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