Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Snack Ideas

What have I prepared so far for this Christmas?

So far, I have the Christmas Eve duck in the freezer along with its homemade sticky glaze, homemade mince pies (dairy free) and the pancetta, sourdough and cashew stuffing for the Christmas Day lamb...

I could be getting ahead of myself. Or not. I don't know when this baby will arrive, so at least I have some food ready for our family of four or family of five Christmas. And due to Rob's dietary requirements (no wheat but spelt is fine, no lactose and no potato) it pays to prepare food from scratch or else we'd have to spend more when the festive 'free-from' products hit the stores and most likely panic-buy as stocks aren't replenished as much.

Amongst our festive meal plans, we generally don't have the additional stomach capacity to cope with snacks, but in the lead-up to the big day it is nice to enjoy a bowlful of snacks which everyone can enjoy.

Last year we discovered 'Rudolph's Noses' from Sainsburys, which seemed to be one of the few festive snacks which ticked all the boxes and are a rather nice spicy tomato flavour. As soon as they are stocked in store we shall definitely be buying a few and storing them away before we guzzle them!
sainsbury's tomato rudolph's noses
I can't seem to find these...yet!

Popcorn also could be a good alternative snack particularly for Rob. There are so many flavours to choose from these days, not just salted, sweet or butter-flavoured. I still need to check the ingredients of course, to make sure milk powder isn't lurking in there somewhere. Tyrrell's Poshcorn Peach Bellini popcorn is delicious with hints of peach and a touch of fizz. I haven't tasted alcohol in a while but I can definitely detect the aromatics.

Tyrell's Poshcorn Peach Bellini

Sometimes it is a bit of a pain when you discover a new flavour, such as Three Bird Roast which Tyrrell's crisps have created and you feel the need to eat the whole bag yourself as your better half can't help you (not!)

Three bird roast crisps by Tyrells
The super-charged roast chicken crisps - I can't discern the duck or turkey though!

A recent festive snack has been discovered in Marks and Spencer: Christmas cinnamon sugar tortilla rolls which are free from wheat and dairy! They are very moreish and in my opinion could do with being a tad sweeter or they could be fab dipped in a salted caramel sauce.

marks and spencer christmas cinnamon sugar tortilla rolls

If you have come across any other festive wheat and dairy free snacks, do let me know!
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