Saturday, 17 December 2016

Hypnobirthing with the Belly Buds

I've started really trying to dedicate a portion of my evening to just chilling out and listening to some music which I believe will help me during the labour and birth of my third baby, Baby Bee. With my last two experiences I just used my Creative Zen MP3 player, but this time I have the additional use of the WavHello Belly Buds which allow Baby Bee to listen in too!

The Belly Buds are a unique speaker system specially designed for the baby to experience the same track you are listening to, in utero. Gentle adhesive pads on the speakers are easy to apply to the skin and thankfully are also simple to remove - and retain their stickiness for further uses. An audio splitter allows mum to plug in her MP3 player/iPod and also the Belly Bud speakers and the volume can be varied for the bump too. They are very simple to use and also feel very secure, so they can be used on the go. I prefer to use these when I'm laying down, in an attempt to relax the both of us as much as possible and get into a very relaxed state of mind. When I have finished I stick both BellyBuds speakers together and slip everything into the little green storage pouch. I will certainly be utilising all of this kit during the labour and birth of Baby Bee, whether it be at home or at hospital - everything will be ready to throw into the grab and go back if necessary. I'd hate to be without it.

Now I will share with you some of my favourite tracks to get my mind and body into a state of relaxation and calm. In my last post Hypnobirthing and Me, I mentioned a track by Incubus.Those of you who are aware of their usual genre (nu/alternative/rock/metal) will probably be a bit confused, but they do have an absolute gem of a chill-out track which I have tried and tested for the labour and delivery of my two children. Aqueous Transmission features the Chinese pipa instrument and a few minutes of frogs croaking at the very end of the track. When I listen to this track I manage to get into a peaceful state quite quickly, probably because I have used it before. I imagine that I am kneeling on a paddle board and floating down a river, gliding over little waves and trailing my fingers through the water.

A new track which I need to add to my Creative Zen is Outro by M83, which are a French electronic band. If you watched the BBC's Versailles you will recognise that this track was the opening theme music.

I also have been enjoying listening to Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez, and any chilled out track by Coldplay and Pink Floyd - which I usually associate with interrupted teenage lie-ins!

As for hypnatal/hypnobirthing tracks, I favour Glove Relaxation and Endorphin Release by Callie Copeman-Bryant of BirthSense. Her voice is very soothing and I usually feel very cosy and sleepy after listening to the fairly long track. Rainbow Relaxation by Marie Mongan is also great to listen to.

In bed with the BellyBuds
Is that a melon or a baby bump!?


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