Tuesday, 14 February 2017

First School Playdate | The Ordinary Moments

In my first post for The Ordinary Moments linkie run by  Katie, Mummy Daddy and Me and Donna who writes What the Redhead Said, I am remembering a day from last week. Lily had a friend round for tea after school for the first time and they had a whale of a time. 

It really gave me an insight into having three older children to look after, rather than my current 2 children and a baby standard.

I collected both girls from school and we headed home for Costa style hot chocolates, complete with three marshmallows on the side.
Lily and hot chocolate

They got out several toys including Buckaroo to play whilst they sipped their hot chocolates and watched The BFG (cartoon version which I also watched when I was little). No squabbling. No annoying each other, they were just so sisterly, even after a full on day at school. All the while Alexander napped in his pushchair...

Lily and Buckaroo

Before Alexander woke up and took an instant liking to Lily's school chum, they managed to spend a goodly amount of time creating some Aquabead designs to take into school the next day to proudly show their Year R teacher. I wonder if she managed to get a look at the flowers/dolphins they made the next day amongst the gaggle of children who swarm her as soon as school opens...

Lily and aquabeads

Following their tea and fuelled by ice cream I watched them dance very enthusiastically to Bruno Mars and play musical statues. They had so much fun together, even though they technically did very little. I didn't want to overwhelm them or try to hard to keep them occupied. Lily is such a great conversationalist but appreciates downtime too. It lulled me into thinking, yeah, I have this parenting malarky down to a fine art! Until Alexander woke up from his nap in an incredible hangry (hungry and disgruntled) mood!

The Ordinary Moments


  1. Oh sounds like a good time together. We love a good dance and music time together. You do have this parenting down girl. Hope baba wasn't too hangry. I get that way too. lol #ordinarymoments

  2. We haven't had playdates like this yet - it looks so much fun! The Costa hot chocs look lovely! x


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