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Fisher-Price Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym Review

Freyja has been spending more time awake and alert, so when the opportunity to review the Fisher-Price Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym came up we absolutely said, yes please!

What is it?

An interactive play gym which will entertain your baby from birth and see them through some of the early milestones.

Fisher-Price Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym
First impressions:

Exceptionally bright and colourful from the get go. The packaging is true to the style of Fisher-Price with the unique selling points highlighted and a huge plastic window through which you can see the main features of the learning gym, namely the puppy. You can even try pressing Puppy's tummy through the packaging to give you an idea of what to expect. The packaging goes even into further detail about how the learning gym can help your child's development via play plus lists each individual sensory item.The box is a substantial size but comes with a useful handle to transport the box from the store. From the packaging I am aware that there is no requirements for tools in order to assemble this product and it handily includes 3 AA batteries so the gym is ready to use.

What is in the box: 

1 toy with 3 AA batteries.

Puppy 'n pals learning gym
  • Gym mat
  • Instructions
  • Removable soft arches
  • Puppy
  • Loops for arranging sensory toys
  • A variety of sensory toys including; clacker cloud, bee roller ball, kite rattle, mirror, apple teether, crinkle "mail and numbers & shapes links
Puppy n pals instructions
Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym with instructions leaflet and two examples of sensory contents;clacker cloud & kite rattle  


Once I managed to open the box up to remove the contents, assembly was pretty straightforward. Each item is easily removable from the cardboard with a simple snip of a pair of scissors through the cotton ties, or a twist of the plastic product anchors. A brief instruction leaflet is included with images too, however the assembly of the arches is fairly intuitive. Then I just rearranged the sun self-discovery mirror from an arch to the centre so Freyja can look up at it, and hooked on the sensory toys. The Puppy has a little base to attach to then it can be placed anywhere on the mat to suit your child's developmental stage. Because the Puppy is free-standing and not connected to the mat it can be used if the mat is no longer required, or even whilst the mat is being cleaned.

Puppy base instructions

Plastic product anchors
There wasn't any unusually difficult product ties or retrains which required the need of tools which was great.

The Lowdown:

  • The Fisher-Price Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym can encourage your child's development from tummy time and beyond. 
  • Milestones can be encouraged by the introduction of colours, numbers and letters plus plenty of interchangeable sensory items. 
  • Gross motor skills can be achieved by enjoyable tummy time where babies can reach out and bat the toys dangling around them. 
  • The self-discovery mirror sun can improve muscle tone in the neck as the baby cranes to see their reflection. 
  • The Puppy has two musical settings including Look and Listen which is 20 minutes of continuous songs and instrumental music ideal for Freyja's age bracket (newborn to younger baby) and Explore and Discover which features words and simple phrases in reaction to the action pad or Puppy's tummy being batted.
  • The take along Puppy has a light up nose that "dances" to the music and a soft activation pad.
The self discovery mirror sun

How we got on:

I have to admit that I struggled to access the entire product just by opening one side of the box. I wondered whether the box would remain intact and the contents would just slide out but it wasn't the case. The cardboard partition within the box and the fact that it was all rather a tight fit meant that I had to cut the box open at the other side as well as the clear packaging at the front. So if the box could have had the additional benefit of being used as storage or for during transit I no longer have that opportunity.

Freyja is two months old now and spends more time awake and alert whilst waving her arms around, so this review opportunity could not have come at a more ideal time in terms of her development.
She has been enjoying batting the dangling sensory objects which I have deliberately hung from the lower ends of the arches so she can reach. Freyja coos at her reflection which is a delight to witness, however she can be so active during her time on the mat that it can be difficult to photograph her! She definitely enjoys it, enough to even fall asleep particularly if the gym is laid upon a blanket for extra comfort. For the moment, the take-along Puppy is operated by myself as she isn't mobile or dexterous enough to push the buttons. But all in good time; the purpose of the mat is to see the child from newborn and beyond, so the Puppy will definitely become more interactive for Freyja as she develops.

Freyja looking and listening to the Puppy Pal
Freyja enjoys listening to her new Puppy Pal which her older brother and sister enjoy playing with too!

Pros - lightweight, easy to fold mat, a choice of two musical settings so your child (and your ears) can benefit have variety according to child development. Instrumentals, songs, funky beats, (did I hear something similar to the You've Been Framed them tune?) and chilled out music makes a difference from nursery rhymes and the volume can be adjusted too. The mat is machine-washable and easy to spot-clean too.

Puppy n Pals two musical settings
On the back of the Puppy's head are sliding buttons for the power/volume and for the short and long play mode.

Improvements - the mat could do with a little more padding. It feels relatively thin above our laminate flooring. The mat, although bright, could feature more sensory features than the singular piece of a crinkly "mail" to further heighten the tummy time experience alongside the interactive Puppy.

Freyja and the Learning Gym

Price and Where to buy:

The Fisher-Price Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym is available at the RRP of £69.99 and can be purchased at a brilliant £44.99 from Argos.

Would we recommend?

Absolutely! It certainly looks as if it can encourage early child development such as gross motor skills and we love the fact that it seems to be pretty portable by simply lifting it up by the arches it kind of folds in on itself then lays itself out again. The Fisher-Price Puppy 'n Pals Learning Gym offers a lot for a new baby and the mat will prove itself to be good value for money especially since the Puppy can be used minus the mat. It stimulates curiosity as well as introduces colours, shapes and numbers and for the price I think it is an excellent product.

freyja and the learning gym



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